Zürich’s Finest: Exploring Swiss Database Firms Revolutionizing Fintech Sector

The resurgence of database industries has seen an increase in the number of firms specializing in collecting, organizing, and providing data to companies, with a focus on meeting specific industry needs. These firms vary in the scope, scale, and purpose, from Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Environmental Consulting and Legal Services. Let’s take a look at some remarkable database companies operating out of Zurich.

Zurich, Switzerland’s largest city, has quickly become a business and technology hub within Europe. Being home to countless startups and tech companies, the city has proven to be a favorable environment for fintech growth. Companies setting up shop in Zurich enjoy the city’s well-established financial sector and flourishing tech ecosystem, creating greater opportunities for innovation, collaboration, and growth in the database industry.

In this piece, we’ll be showcasing some companies operating in the database industry, headquartered in Zurich. We’ll delve into what they do, essential company details, and their main focus areas. Please note that the businesses under review range from first-stage startups to well-established corporations, each contributing to the vibrancy and diversity of the Zurich database scene.


Lightly is a database software company that specializes in artificial intelligence, computer vision, machine learning, and software. Founded in 2019 by Igor Susmelj and Matthias Heller, they’re determined to utilize data to improve machine learning processes. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Focused primarily on database technology, VALID is an information services provider that delivers premier encryption for personal data and online authentication capabilities. Daniel Gasteiger, Giorgio Zinetti, and Yves-Alain Petitjean founded the company. Stay updated with VALID via their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn channels.


Founded in 2003, ecoinvent provides a database containing process data for thousands of products, allowing individuals to make truly informed choices concerning their environmental impact. They’re particularly active on Twitter and LinkedIn.

D ONE Data Driven Value Creation

D ONE guides clients on their journey towards becoming data-driven enterprises. They provide valuable data management services and help navigate enterprise requirements and understand technology drivers. You can reach them on their LinkedIn profile.

Swisslex Swiss legal database AG

A specialized legal information services provider, Swisslex AG has a unique focus. With a strategic portfolio, they deliver crucial, in-depth legal knowledge when you need it most. Stay updated via their Facebook page.


DataCore is a software company providing solutions relating to database management, IT support, internet services, and IT consultancy. You can reach out to them via LinkedIn.


Moving forward with the tech evolution, Computerline is a performing company in cloud data services, database, infrastructure, and IT infrastructure. They can be reached via their LinkedIn account.

Total Materia

Operating in the machinery manufacturing industry, Total Materia provides necessary databases to its clients. Keep up to date with them via their Facebook page and LinkedIn.

oSkope Media

Next up, we have oSkope Media. With its uniqueness in database, internet, software, and video, the company provides a versatile platform for diverse industries.


The Matto-Group specializes in managing databases and offers innovative advertising technology, allowing its clients to reach their relevant target groups with a high level of personalization. Find out more about Matto-Group on their LinkedIn.


Lastly, we have Wine-Stocks; a unique portal that creates and records personal wine collections for professionals, investors, and wine lovers. Follow them on Twitter, their Facebook, or their LinkedIn.

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