Valencia’s Leading Role in Spain’s Blossoming FinTech Ecosystem

Valencia, in the Comunidad Valenciana region of Spain, boasts a vibrant FinTech scene with an array of innovative companies making their mark. From start-up investment platforms and analytics systems, to investments in renewable energy projects and cryptocurrency services; these Valencia-based companies are pioneering change and bringing new ideas to the table. This article outlines some of the outstanding FinTech businesses that call Valencia home.

These companies are harnessing digital evolution and the growth of artificial intelligence to develop advanced financial technology solutions. Supporting industries such as Banking, Clean Energy, Venture Capital, Artificial Intelligence and many more, these FinTech firms are shaping the future of finance and contributing to Valencia’s burgeoning reputation as a tech hub.

By providing pioneering, data-driven solutions, these companies are pushing technological boundaries, developing innovative products and disrupting traditional financial services. Let’s delve into the top FinTech companies headquartered in this beautiful Spanish city.


Startupxplore is an premium start-up investment platform offering inexperienced and time-savvy investors the ability to diversify their portfolio. Founded by Javier Megias and Nacho Ormeño, Startupxplore operates in the fields of Angel Investment, FinTech, Internet, and Venture Capital. This Valencia-based business is breaking new ground in the world of startup investment. Connect with them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


Operating in the Banking and Insurance sector, Wenalyze uses advanced algorithms to predict client short-term needs. Founded by Carlos Albo, David Delgado, Roger Ferrandis, and Vicent Sebastiá, this Big Data Analytics platform provides new sales opportunities while enhancing risk control in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). Find them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to stay updated.


Fundsfy, created by founders Antonio Brusola, Santiago Vernetta, and Thomas Judge, provides a unique service that integrates banking with an investment marketplace from a single platform. This enables its users to manage money and diversify their investment portfolios from one place. Follow their journey on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


Founded by Arturo Moreno and Javier Alperte, Preseries provides technology investors with valuable insights into early stage startups, portfolio performance, and potential impacts of key management decisions. Its machine learning powered platform is leading the way in venture capital, predictive analytics, and artificial intelligence. Connect with them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


Crowmie is the first platform to tokenize renewable energy projects, providing a unique investment opportunity in the energy sector via a liquid, global market. Connect with them on LinkedIn and Twitter to learn about their latest projects and developments.


Focusing on SMEs, freelancers and startups, tugesto, founded by Lidon Serra and Manuel Fandos, offers an online platform for easy, affordable legal, accounting and labor management. Follow their latest updates on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


Started by founder Carla Alejandra Lima Junguittu, Kaltu is making strides in the FinTech world. Keep up with their journey on LinkedIn.


Rentastic is pioneering FinTech solutions in the rental industry. Stay updated with their latest developments on LinkedIn.


Founded by Marcos Muñoz, Bitnovo is spreading the philosophy of Bitcoin and hundreds of other cryptocurrencies around the world, simplifying the purchase process for the Spanish-speaking audience. Find them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


In the fields of Consulting, E-Commerce, Financial Services, and FinTech, t.BOOST is offering innovative solutions. Get the latest news from them by following Twitter.


Created by Gonzalo de la Peña and Salvador Mas Casado, Impok is a financial social network that allows users to share their holdings and investment ideas. The platform is also used for portfolio management. Keep up with them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

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