Unveiling Leading FinTech Innovators Headquartered in Amsterdam, Noord-Holland


The city of Amsterdam, in Noord-Holland, The Netherlands, is a hotbed of activity for fintech companies. Established players and newcomers alike have recognized the city’s potential and made it their HQ. Fintech, an amalgamation of ‘financial technology’, is becoming an increasingly essential part of our world. In this article, we highlight some notable fintech companies based out of Amsterdam, their founders, and the work they are doing to transform the financial industry with technology.

Amsterdam’s strategic location, pro-business climate, and highly-educated, cosmopolitan and tech-savvy workforce have made it an attractive base for fintech businesses. The Netherlands government has also actively supported the growth of the fintech sector, providing a nurturing environment for innovative ideas to flourish. Let’s take a closer look at some of these innovative companies making waves in the financial industry.

It’s not just about the major players; there are many smaller, innovative, and creative finTech firms located in Amsterdam. These companies are at the forefront of the field, offering a variety of services including financial services, mobile payments, banking, and more! So, without further ado, lets take a closer look on some of them.


Founded by Pieter van der Does, Adyen is a global payment company offering services that include gateway, risk management, processing, and acquiring of payments. The company operates in numerous countries worldwide and directly connects merchants to various payment methods and sales channels, streamlining online, mobile, and in-store payments.


With founders Gerbert Kaandorp and Jouk Pleiter at its helm, Backbase provides omni-channel banking software that bridges the gap between traditional banking and the digital era. The platform integrates seamlessly with back-end systems and offers an optimized, customer-centric banking experience across all devices.


Founded by Ambar Sur, TerraPay is a mobile-first international payment network. By interconnecting various financial services providers, TerraPay facilitates secure and seamless transnational fund movements.

Bitfury Group

Bitfury Group, founded by Valery Nebesny and Valery Vavilov, leads blockchain technology by providing all the necessary hardware and software solutions for securely transmitting assets.

Founded by Dirk Ueberbach and Robin Weesie, is an online consumer-branded payment platform that fosters connections between customers and leading global brands via digital vouchers from companies like Apple, Google, and Spotify.


MODIFI, founded by Jan Wehrs, Nelson Holzner, and Sven Brauer, seeks to empower small and medium-sized businesses to trade on an international scale through digital trade financing.


Founded by Alena Valovaya, Andrew Petrov, Andrey Varikov, and Iakov Novikov, Finom provides financial solutions to independent entrepreneurs, self-employed individuals, and freelancers by merging digital business account benefits with an array of services.


Ohpen, founded by Bas Wouwenaar, Chris Zadeh, Erik Drijkoningen, and Ilco van Bolhuis, provides agile banking services, effectively liberating banks from their legacy systems and processes.

Founded by Frister Haveman and Nicola Ebmeyer, is on a mission to help everyone find, understand and track sizeable companies around the globe.


Mollie, founded by Adriaan Mol, simplifies online payments by streamlining the integration process into sites or apps and offering a powerful API.


Founded by Joost van Houten, Sentinels is driven by AI, providing fintech companies with a cloud-based, intelligent transaction monitoring solution to crackdown on illegal activities.


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