Unveiling Brisbane’s Top Innovators in the FinTech Landscape

Brisbane, the capital city of Queensland, Australia, hosts a vibrant FinTech industry expanding with vastly innovative startups reaching every corner of the financial sphere. Diversity is the name of the game, with companies operating in realms extending from cryptocurrency and blockchain services to agricultural FinTech, consumer lending, and more. Here, we’ll highlight some of the standout FinTech companies making waves from their headquarters in Brisbane.

In the heart of this vibrant FinTech landscape, these companies leverage the advantages of the digital age to offer innovative financial solutions and services. Built upon technology’s limitless potentials, these companies are known for their contribution to reshaping the financial industry and setting up new trends.

Without further ado, let us introduce you to these Brisbane-based FinTech companies with their game-changing technology and genius strategic and creative aspects. Let’s unfold their stories.

Change Financial

Co-founded by Ashley Shilkin, Change Financial is a true pioneer in the FinTech sector. This remarkable company develops scalable payment solutions tailor-made for emerging markets, substantially addressing the financial needs of communities. Learn more about them on their LinkedIn page.


Alex, the brainchild of founders Craig Fenwick and Simon Beitz, is a 100% digital banking platform. Alex has been designed from the ground up, putting customer needs at the fledgling company’s heart. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn to get their latest updates.

Fresh Supply Co

Established by Ben Lyons and David Inderias, Fresh Supply Co integrates data, payments, and lending solutions uniquely designed for the agribusiness sector. With a strong emphasis on transforming agriculture through technology, Fresh Supply Co stands as one of the most innovative enterprises in the space. Catch their latest updates on LinkedIn.

FIN-PAY Technology

Designed by founder Ian Parke, FIN-PAY Technology presents an ingenious Mobile Aggregation Payment App. With user-focused designs and advanced technological applications, the company is a standout in mobile finance. Stay updated with FIN-PAY Technology on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Brett Hales and Kerry Esson spearheaded the creation of Tappr, a FinTech firm focusing on mobile payments, smart terminals and bank-grade APIs. They have a pivotal presence in the mobile finance world. Explore more about Tappr on their Facebook page and LinkedIn profile.

Hip Money

Established by Mark Zmarzly, Hip Money aims to improve Australians’ financial health and wellness by creating carefully designed software. Assuring superior financial fitness, Hip Money shines as a leader in financial wellness. Learn more about their efforts on their Facebook page and LinkedIn.


A creation of Patrick McNab, Mycelium leverages blockchain technology to make financial markets work more efficiently. This cutting-edge company offers a range of innovative products, providing an open, transparent and accessible financial market infrastructure. Connect with them on LinkedIn.


Arkava specializes in developing intuitive apps and software solutions to address various financial challenges. Get their story and learn more about the company on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Paypa Plane

Co-founded by Jonathan Grant and Simone Joyce, Paypa Plane aims to elevate legacy payment systems and move the payments ecosystem forward. Providing innovative services for banks, enterprises, and payers, they stand out as a future-focused payment system. Know more about Paypa Plane on their LinkedIn profile.


Baxe is a stylish new name in the world of finance and FinTech. Offering internet and mobile payment solutions, Baxe is indeed a company to watch out. Stay updated with their latest news on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded in 2021, Algomint provides a bridge to mint a variety of digital assets on the Algorand network. As a market leader in blockchain infrastructure, they are committed to realizing an innovative vision for financial markets. Follow them on LinkedIn to learn more about their services.

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