Spotlighting Top FinTech Innovators Headquartered in Hong Kong Island

The hub of innovation for financial services, Hong Kong is a fertile ground for FinTech startups. This series of articles will shed light on some remarkable companies based in Hong Kong, Hong Kong Island, making waves in the FinTech industry. These startups not only offer fresh, cutting-edge digital solutions but also aid in disrupting traditional financial models and bring about a paradigm shift across various sectors including credit, finance, blockchain and more.

The city of Hong Kong is a hotspot for digital, financial and technological innovation, accelerating the shift towards a digital-first financial services landscape. The thriving startup ecosystem in the city, powered by forward-thinking innovators and investors, provides the perfect environment for FinTech companies to flourish. Whether it’s breaking down barriers to financial services or leveraging cutting-edge technology to redefine user experience—each company is contributing in its own unique way to the city’s buzzing FinTech industry.

Let’s explore these companies in detail. Every company making it to this list demonstrates a strong commitment towards leveraging technology to shape the future of finance. They are revolutionizing FinTech with their innovative solutions, reshaping the sector and showing the world the potential of Hong Kong’s burgeoning FinTech ecosystem.


Founded by Daren Guo and Kevin Kang, Reap is a financial platform that provides spend management solutions combined with innovative payment products. The company aims to enable access and financial connectivity for businesses of all sizes. Their innovative payment products include the Reap Visa Corporate Credit Card. Reap is committed to providing businesses with the best financial tools to ensure their success. Find more about them on their Linkedin, Facebook and @ReapGlobal.

Babel Finance

Founded by Del Wang and Flex Yang, Babel Finance is a cryptocurrency financial institution. It offers professional crypto financial services including crypto lending, asset management, and financing. You can find more about them on their Linkedin and follow them on @BabelFinance.


Xalts, founded by Ashutosh Goel and Supreet Kaur, helps financial services institutions build their own blockchain-based applications. The company is revolutionizing financial services by leveraging blockchain technology. You can connect with them on LinkedIn.

YAS Digital Limited

YAS Digital Limited, founded by Andy Ann, Kelvin Cheung, and William Lee, is a next-generation InsurTech company that offers on-demand MicroInsurance products. These products are easy to use and provide coverage based on the customer’s needs. Information about their products and services can be obtained from their LinkedIn, Facebook.

First Digital Trust

Founded by Gunnar Jaerv and Vincent Chok, First Digital Trust offers solutions for the delivery of digital asset custody. The company aims at providing financial services in a secure, compliant manner. You can find more about their services on their LinkedIn.

Futu Holdings

Futu Holdings, founded by Leaf Li, offers an online brokerage platform enabling individual investors to trade in listed stocks. The company serves users in Hong Kong, US, and Chinese A-Share-listed stocks. It provides users with trade execution, margin financing, market data, and information along with a variety of social networking services through Futubull, their proprietary digital platform.


FUSANG, founded by Henry, Heng Li Chong is the first fully-regulated platform that provides an end-to-end infrastructure to support Security Token Offerings (STOs). This allows both retail and institutional investors to access the digital asset markets in a secure, compliant, and convenient manner. You can follow them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and on twitter: @TeamFusang.


Avo aims to create an easy and enjoyable digital insurance experience that merges seamlessly into your everyday life, giving you absolute ease and security. You can connect with them on LinkedIn and Facebook.


Founded by Gram Milosevic, Karen Contet, and Karena Belin, AngelHub is a tech investment platform enabling investors to co-invest with their fund and institutional investors. The company offers a highly selective due-diligence process for empowering tech entrepreneurs. You can learn more about them on LinkedIn and Facebook.


OKEx, founded by Star Xu, is a digital asset exchange providing advanced financial services to traders worldwide. They serve millions of users in over 100 countries with a daily volume trade of nearly $1.5B for their BTC futures. You can follow them on @okex and on LinkedIn, Facebook.


StockViva, founded by Chi Ho Law and Samuel Wan, provides real-time investment analysis and education services from financial key opinion leaders online. You can follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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