Spotlighting Lyon’s Pioneering Innovators in the French FinTech Landscape

Located in the historic region of Rhone-Alpes, the vibrant city of Lyon is giving birth to emerging FinTech companies that are shaping the future of finance. Known for their innovation and forward-thinking strategies, these Lyonnais FinTech ventures are attracting global attention for their disruptive technologies and solutions in the world of investing, banking, and financial services. Let’s explore some of these pioneering companies set to redefine the future of FinTech in Lyon.

The French city renowned for its gastronomy and silk weaving history is now just as well known as a hub for FinTech innovation. The entrepreneurial ecosystem combined with the availability of skilled talent and a supportive business environment have all contributed to Lyon’s status as an emerging FinTech hub. Here are 11 companies in Lyon, each with its unique proposal and contributing significantly to the industry.

We have compiled this list, providing a snapshot of Lyon’s expanding FinTech landscape, highlighting the diverse nature of FinTech activities carried out across the region, and underscoring Lyon’s status as a global FinTech center.


Founded by Adrien Plat, Come Fouques, Pablo Larvor, and Romain Koenig, Indy is an advanced AI-powered accounting software company. Indy features an accounting robot designed to automate the management of accounting for freelancers and professionals, converting bank entries into accounting lines, and sending tax returns directly to an AGM.
Follow Indy: @indyteam_fr, Facebook, LinkedIn


A brainchild of Clement Mauguet, Lucas Bertola, and Sebastien Beyet, Agicap is a SaaS platform for SMBs to manage and forecast their cash flows. Agicap offers a comprehensive view of a business’s current and projected cash position, making it easier for SMBs to access financing options and reduce bankruptcy risks.
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Launched by founder Adrien Pelletant, FinKey is a digital platform dedicated to Merger and Acquisition strategy. Providing invaluable assistance to small and medium businesses in finding the best bank and investor.
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Founded by Mokhtar Bacha, Maytana is a powerful platform that aggregates business bank accounts into a unified view for comprehensive financial insights.
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Finalgo is a SaaS software for professional financing arrangements founded by Arnaud Guillaume and Bertrand Hellion. It tracks funding requests and offers a practical editing program for financial documents.
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Unicorn Data Services

Led by founder Denis Alaev, Unicorn Data Services provides comprehensive financial data services with more than 15 different data sources for fundamental data.
Follow Unicorn Data Services: @EOD_data, Facebook

Snowball Analytics

Snowball Analytics is an investment tracking app by founders Egor Babichev and Roman Ivanitskiy. The service allows investors to keep track of their investments and compare results with popular indices and funds.
Follow Snowball Analytics: @SnowballSupport


Cryptoast, made by Thomas Herbst, is a digital publication on blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
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HUB612, founded by Cédric Nieutin, is an Accelerator VC specializing in Financial Services in France.
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kwiper, founded by Nathalie Duchêne and Thibaut Delavenne, is a wealth management consulting solution. Kwiper leverages a unique algorithm for automated asset management, offering diagnosis and solutions for challenging business needs.
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RYSE, co-founded by Guillaume Rivron and Sylvain Ramousse, is an Impact Investing and Venture Capital firm.
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Each of these companies is contributing to the evolution of the financial sector, transforming traditional financial systems to meet modern digital needs. Individually and collectively, these companies substantiate why Lyon is considered one of the leading FinTech hubs in France.

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