Spotlighting Innovative Tempe-Based Database Solutions in the Fintech Industry

Nationwide Environmental Title Research

Emphasizing the importance of comprehensive environmental data, Nationwide Environmental Title Research—based in Tempe, Arizona—provides detailed property research services. They primarily focus on public records and property data, supporting assessments of potential environmental risks. Beyond offering databases on superfund sites, toxic vapor sources, potential contamination, and similar concerns, the company further engages in environmental consulting and real estate industries. More details can be found on their website.

BlockScience Labs

Incorporating the power of data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, BlockScience Labs offers forward-thinking solutions for complex stakeholder ecosystems. Founded by Chris Frazier and Nick Hirannet in 2020, this tech startup from Tempe is devoted to implementing data science workflows into cyber-physical systems, and in the process, enhancing user experience. Their story and offerings are best explained on their website and LinkedIn page.

Certification Partners (CIW)

Tempe-based educational resource Certification Partners specializes in database, cybersecurity, and web development—among others. Certain to keep up with the fast-paced information technology world, CIW assures a comprehensive educational experience for aspiring IT professionals. Educate yourself on their website, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn platforms.


Complementing the database industry with professional services, WhiteHat ambitiously seeks to revolutionize the information technology sector. Despite keeping their description succinct, their commitment to their craft is apparent on their website and LinkedIn page.

Systems Imagination, Inc.

Animating the realms of analytics, database, and software services, Systems Imagination, Inc. shows true innovation. Led by founder Chris Yoo, this Tempe-based company merges traditional IT disciplines with creative thinking. Learn more on their website and LinkedIn page.


Offering diverse services in consulting, database, graphic design, and data integration, KCS stands out in the database landscape in Tempe. Their offerings span across various categories and their entrepreneurial spirit can be discovered on their website, Facebook, and LinkedIn portals.

DataDiver Technologies

DataDiver Technologies navigates the meshwork of data on the internet, providing efficient and effective database services. Follow their progress on their website and Facebook page.


SiVerion, a firm specializing in web-based data analysis, has been creating solutions targeted towards the semiconductor companies since 1998. Their story can be followed on their website.

PC Perfect

PC Perfect aligns its services with the database, information technology, and network hardware sectors, offering versatile and comprehensive solutions. See their accomplishments on their website and Facebook page.

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