Spotlight on Pioneering FinTech Innovations from Shanghai Headquarters

Fintech, or financial technology, is a rapidly growing industry worldwide, and Shanghai, China is emerging as a global hub for innovation in this sector. This article turns the spotlight on several Shanghai-based companies that are making significant strides in the realm of Fintech. From financial services to wealth management and risk management, these organizations are leveraging the power of technology to deliver innovative solutions to both individuals and businesses across the globe.

Shanghai has embraced the Fintech revolution with open arms, becoming the home of many companies that are transforming traditional financial services through technological innovation. These innovators are pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the financial industry, developing new solutions to old problems and creating opportunities for growth and progress.

Now, we take a closer look at these innovative Fintech companies based in Shanghai, providing an overview of their focus, operations, and ethos. Each company is contributing to a more connected, efficient, and inclusive financial ecosystem, shaping the future of the financial services industry not just in China, but worldwide.


Founded by Alice Yao, Guobiao (Bill) Deng, Leon Deng, and Yanfang Liu, XTransfer seeks to break down barriers to global expansion for SMEs by providing comprehensive cross-border financial and risk management services. The company boasts a unified global multi-currency settlement network, antibiotic laundering risk management infrastructure, and has obtained local payment licenses from several countries, including Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Connect with XTransfer on LinkedIn.


Co-founded by Gregory Gibb, Lufax has developed innovative financial and information technology, risk management, and control systems that provide a range of services including transaction financing consulting and asset allocation. Lufax is also active on social media, with accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


OneConnect provides financial technology solutions to small- and medium-sized banks, with a special focus on leveraging big data and blockchain technology. With a range of service platforms, OneConnect aims to help these banks boost their competitiveness and ease the transition to the digital age. Find OneConnect on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Dianrong, established by Kevin Guo and Soul Htite, operates an online marketplace lending platform that uses technology to transform the way China is financed. It provides individuals and SMEs with a one-stop financial framework supported by industry-leading technology and transparency. Connect with Dianrong on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Founded by Lingyun Gu in 2015, IceKredit is an AI service provider specializing in credit risk management. It uses AI to provide both individuals and financial institutions with innovative risk management solutions. Find IceKredit on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Founded by Stephen Liu, V CREDIT is a technology-driven smart consumer financial service provider with over a decade of experience in the Chinese consumer finance services sector. It uses its Hummingbird big data platform and smart credit robots to deliver nation-wide smart financial services. Connect with V CREDIT on LinkedIn.


Established by Max He, eBroker sells high-quality overseas assets through innovative business models. As an internet finance company, it is dedicated to improving the efficiency of the industry. You can find further information on LinkedIn.

FinVolution Group

The FinVolution Group, previously known as PPDai, was founded by Cliff Zhang and Jack Gu. It is an online platform for peer-to-peer small unsecured loans in China. Learn more about FinVolution Group on LinkedIn.

Omni Prime

Founded by Dan Hu and Xuanyi Li, Omni Prime offers Lending as a Service solutions to retailers. Get more insights about Omni Prime on LinkedIn.


Kingstar is a fintech service provider specializing in comprehensive fintech solutions for large financial institutions. It provides distributed architecture transaction support system solutions to the securities industry. Connect with Kingstar on LinkedIn.

Fenbushi Capital

Last but not least, Fenbushi Capital is a blockchain-focused venture capital firm specializing in driving healthy and sustainable growth in the global blockchain ecosystem. Co-founded by Bo Shen, Vitalik Buterin, and Xiao Feng, Fenbushi has supported over 80 leading blockchain projects across four continents. Check them out on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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