Spotlight on Madrid’s Leading Innovators in FinTech Industry Landscape

Spain’s capital, Madrid, has emerged as a vibrant hub for the fintech industry. The city, known for its rich history, lively culture and its status a global financial hotspot, has rapidly turned into a home for numerous groundbreaking fintech companies. These firms not only exemplify innovation in financial technology but are also helping to bring a new dynamism to the Spanish economy. Let us cast a spotlight on companies operating in this exciting field, and more specifically, those headquartered in Madrid, Madrid, Spain.

The evolution of financial technologies in Madrid is largely driven by continuous developments in digital connectivity, information technology, and the pioneering spirit of the capital’s economy. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive rundown of some of the notable fintech companies in Madrid. These companies are creating a plethora of opportunities for customer engagement by leveraging cutting-edge technologies and applying them to traditional financial transactions.

Let’s dive deeper into the profiles of these companies, to understand their contribution to the FinTech industry, and how they are helping shape the future of finance.


Located in Las Rozas De Madrid, Receptum operates in Financial Services and FinTech. This online peer-to-peer (P2P) platform enables freelancers and companies to borrow loans and individuals to lend money. Founded in 2012, this unique platform allows investors to agree on loan amounts, interest rates and terms of loans with borrowers. Discover more about Receptum and follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.


Bnext revolutionizes traditional banking with its fintech platform based in Madrid designed to empower users. As the first supermarket for financial products, Bnext enables users to conduct almost all banking responsibilities without the need for a bank. Users even have the liberty to connect their external accounts and have all their financial information on one platform, regardless of the provider. Interested in learning more about Bnext? You can also find them on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.


Headquartered in Madrid, Cobee is streamlining the process of managing employee benefits. Founded in 2018, it concentrates on providing an automated platform to handle benefits and flexible compensations that delight both companies and employees. Learn more about Cobee on their official website or connect with them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


Snab is an innovative fintech firm based in Madrid that aims to automate, digitize, and simplify business payments, cash collections, and business’ treasury management. Get to know more about Snab by visiting their website and checking out their LinkedIn profile.


Based in Madrid, Pagantis combines technology, data science, regulatory compliance, and finance expertise to offer payments solution and consumer finance platform. Get to know more about Pagantis and connect with them on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.


Fintonic is a mobile-centric consumer banking platform based in Madrid that provides users with insurance, investment products and targeted loans. To learn more about fintonic, you can also follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Rebellion Pay

Rebellion Pay is a fintech firm based in Madrid designed to meet the financial needs of the younger generation in a way that defies conventional banking methods. Know more about Rebellion Pay by visiting their website.

Ninety Nine

Ninety Nine is a commission-free financial trading platform based in Madrid. It leverages technology to provide a platform that educates customers about financial trading. For more information, check out Ninety Nine on their website and look at their LinkedIn page.


Divilo is a Madrid-based B2B financial platform designed for companies and self-employed individuals, offering real-time transactions without leaving the office. Learn more about Divilo on their website, or connect with them on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.


TaxDown is a digital service based in Madrid simplifying income tax returns for users. It revolutionized tax advice and guarantees the desired results for tax payers. Know more about TaxDown on their website and visit their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Lana, based in Madrid, is a technology company that connects previously underserved people in Latin America to payments and other financial services that suit their needs better through its application. Visit Lana‘s website to get more information and check their LinkedIn profile and Twitter account.

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