Spotlight on Fintech Innovators at Cyberport, Hong Kong Island

The forward-thinking, fast-paced industry of FinTech, the application of technology within financial services, is taking Hong Kong by storm. Among the most thrilling places to observe this evolution is Cyberport, a creative digital community with over 1000 technology companies stationed within its premise. Today, we shine a spotlight on some of the innovative FinTech companies operating from Cyberport, making waves in the industry with their cutting-edge solutions and platforms.

In the heart of Hong Kong Island, these companies are redefining the FinTech industry by implementing advancements in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Blockchain, and more into their services. They range from platforms enhancing the mortgage application process to innovative wealth management systems, offering a glimpse of the future of finance.

Here’s a closer look into these promising FinTech companies based in Cyberport, diving into their unique product offerings, industry impact, and plans for the future.


Founded by Calvin Cheng, Wizpresso is an Artificial Intelligence-driven RegTech company that is striving to improve market workflows and enable stakeholders. Their unique communication solutions are founded on NLP and deep learning technologies, seeking to automate and enhance due diligence within legal, financial, and business sectors. Through their innovative approach, Wizpresso empowers users by breaking down barriers, strengthening sales capacity, and boosting market transparency.
Some of their platform can be found on LinkedIn and Facebook.


Built by Kevin Ng, Fundergo is an online Mortgage platform that connects borrowers with both bank and non-bank lenders. The platform’s core technology enables users to access real loan offers from multiple lenders using a single application. This innovation simplifies and modernizes the mortgage process, making it quicker and more convenient. Learn more on their LinkedIn and Facebook page.


Founded by Vinesh Jha, ExtractAlpha creates actionable data sets and equity models for institutional investors. The company sifts through numerous alternative data sets to offer clients tested alternative data solutions provides. Through their specialized data sets and unique solutions, they continue to provide value to some of the world’s most sophisticated banking institutions, hedge funds, asset managers, and asset owners. Head over to their LinkedIn and Twitter, @extractalpha, for more information.


Anymex, founded by Anderson Woo, is a social currency exchange platform revolutionizing currency exchange for travelers. Through their platform, travelers can bypass the traditional costly commissions from banks or exchange offices and negotiate mutually beneficial trades with other users. Anymex operates on a sharing economy model, making it a sustainable solution to an age-old problem. Connect with them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter at @anymex_news.


Founded by Emmanuel Pitsilis, Gianluca Pizzituti, Vittorio De Angelis, Velotrade is an innovative online marketplace that offers businesses a platform to sell their trade receivables to investors willing to advance funds. With its presence across Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Thailand, Velotrade is the first Trade Finance Platform to be regulated by the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC). For more details about their scope of work, please visit their LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, @velotrade, pages.


Accrue, founded by Benoit Brookens III and James Felton Keith, is a leading financial analytics company that develops deep learning technology. Their Almanac platform offers a wide range of services, including event recognition AI, real-time global event analytics, quantamental market screening, and code-free algorithm development. Connect with them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter at @accruehq.

Prive Financial

Founded by Jarl Smidt-Olsen, Prive Financial works within financial services to provide investors with innovative investment solutions through a tailored consultative service. Their core technology, Privé’s Virtual Fund (vFund), allows the creation of financial products in minutes at minimal cost. This allows advisors to package existing investment products (such as stocks, bonds, …) based on themes, internal/external research, rule-based investment strategies, life goals and other users’ inputs and to make them executable. Learn more on their LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, @privemanagers, page.


Litx champions blockchain technology’s potential to revolutionize investment management by eliminating inefficiencies stemming from dated operational practices. They offer crypto fund managers a comprehensive suite of tools to manage their investment organizations efficiently. Their highly proficient team excels in advanced technologies, including pure functional programming and statistical machine learning.


OpenCBS, founded by Etienne Mottet, provides robust IT solutions designed to address the unique needs of modern financial institutions. Their systems hold up a mirror for managers to obtain real-time Business Intelligence, for employees to boost sales, and for clients to be served better and more happily. More information can be found on their LinkedIn, Facebook, and on Twitter at their handle, @opencbs_com.

Vcan FinTech

At Vcan FinTech, they have—unlike many others—navigated e-commerce successfully with a comprehensive and robust suite of services designed with cross-border sellers in mind. Using advanced technology and international financial connections, they enable their clients to leverage secured and fast payment services, thereby maximizing their international revenue. For more information, connect with them on LinkedIn and Facebook.


Alphalion offers robust middle and back-office solutions that enable real-time inter-processing, including assets such as equities, fixed income, forex, economic futures, options, and even cryptocurrency. Their wide range of tools and SaaS services are purpose-built to enable the financial system and wealth management firms. The company offers an extensive selection of financial market services, portfolio management solutions, payment ideas, and cloud computing. For more, visit their LinkedIn page.

These FinTech players based in Cyberport are showcasing the ways in which technology can be harnessed to substantially streamline, innovate, and revolutionize the financial services industry. As we continue our journey into the future of finance, these are the firms you will want to monitor.

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