Spotlight on Cupertino’s Key Players in the Fintech Innovation Landscape


In the heart of Silicon Valley, Cupertino, California is home to notable names in the FinTech industry. These companies have disrupted traditional financial services by leveraging technology to offer innovative solutions. Just think about what it would mean for your savings if you could generate 34 times more interest, or imagine turning on your 401K into an investment vehicle with better returns and less hassle. Let’s put the spotlight on some impressive Cupertino-headquartered FinTech companies.

You may be surprised to learn that mobile payment solutions, property management, personal finance and even real estate are all coming under the ambit of FinTech. These companies are changing the way we approach our personal financial management and commercial transactions.

This article highlights several FinTech companies that are driving this disruption from their headquarters in Cupertino. Read on to learn about their contributions, founders, and services.


Tellus, a financial technology platform founded by T Zhu, aims at helping users build wealth by offering high-yield cash accounts that yield up to 34 times more interest compared to traditional savings accounts. Its mission includes making wealth creation through real estate accessible to everyone, and it utilizes bank-level AES 256 encryption to provide a secure experience to its users. You can follow Tellus on their social media profiles Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Inventergy, lauded for its strategy of partnering with technology leaders to maximize the value from their innovations, was founded by Charles Bedard, Joe Beyers, and Wayne P. Sobon. The company helps communicate the value of tech innovations and improves financial returns. Keep yourself updated with Inventergy by visiting their Facebook page and following them on Twitter.

Pluto Money

Built with Gen Z in mind, Pluto Money assists young adults in reaching financial goals by using behavioral and data science. Founded by Dante Monaldo, Susie Kim, and Tim Yu, the company targets Gen Z by offering personal and social financial challenges that help save for future goals, while providing a platform for peer-financial comparisons. For more, follow them on Twitter and Facebook.


Wibmo Inc., co-founded by Govind Setlur and Veena Mistry, enables credit and debit card holders to make mobile payments directly to their cards at VISA, and MasterCard merchants. The company prides itself on providing payment solutions and processing services to customers, banks and merchants. You can stay connected with Wibmo on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Money Intel

Founder Monte Malhotra envisioned Money Intel as a hero for 401(k) holders, fighting high fees, poor investment choices, and complicated financial decisions. Their automated advisory platform provides effective investment advice to employees, helping companies provide the best benefits. Stay updated with Money Intel on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Anti-money Laundering (AML) software company Amberoon takes on rigid people-centric processes with an agile system delivering insight to reduce compliance costs and identify bad actors. You can get to know Amberoon more by visiting their Twitter page, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Novus Ventures

Novus Ventures, founded by Daniel Tompkins and Greg Lahann, focuses on early-stage investing in information technology companies and positioning them for success in the digital economy.


Known for its business intelligence tools, Scorto aids accurate decisions and improves operational efficiency. The company was included in the FinTech 100 ranking of the top global technology providers to the financial services industry in 2011. Keep up-to-date with Scorto on their social media platforms on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

WeMax Innovation Capital

WeMax Innovation Capital was started by Danis Yadegar and Reza Helali as a global advisory firm assisting startups and emerging growth companies, delivering hands-on support in a range of areas. Follow them on LinkedIn.

Spare Change Payments

Spare Change Payments, as the name hints at, provides a micro-payment system designed for social networks. It’s the brainchild of Lex Bayer, Mark Rose and Simon Ru and has found application on over 700 applications across Facebook, Bebo, and MySpace.

Kolegraff VC Network

One of the more intriguing names in the lineup is Kolegraff VC Network. Their website redirects to a ‘Sorry We’re Closed’ sign, serving as a mysterious entry in this lineup.


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