Singaporean Cryptocurrency Innovations: Exploring Central Region’s Leading Fintech Enterprises

As the world begins to turn its attention towards cryptocurrency, Singapore is establishing itself as a key player in the space. Several cryptocurrency companies have chosen Singapore as their base of operations given its strategic geographical location, robust regulatory frameworks and strong talent pool. The Singapore Fintech ecosystem is thriving with the presence of global leaders in the Cryptocurrency industry. Below is a list of some of the cryptocurrency companies headquartered in Singapore.

The emphasis of this article is on the industry pioneers, who have transformed the potential of crypto into a reality. These companies are not only providing services like crypto trading, crypto wallets, and crypto payments but are also thriving as full-fledged financial services institutions. Their visionary leadership, superior technology, robust security, user-friendly interfaces, and innovative business models are leading the path for the future of digital finance.

Cryptocurrency companies in Singapore exist in a variety of forms and sizes, from the titans of the financial world to promising startups breaking new ground with distinctive business models. Let’s delve into these companies, their founders and the exceptional work they do in the world of fintech.


Matrixport is a one-stop digital assets financial services platform, allowing users to invest, trade, and leverage crypto assets. With Daniel Yan, Jihan Wu, and Yuesheng Ge as the company’s founders, Matrixport manages and maintains custody over assets worth $10 billion, averaging monthly trading volumes over $5 billion. The company has a workforce of over 220 employees serving institutions and retail customers in Asia and Europe.


AvoInvest aims to democratize wealth management by making it fun, fair, and community-centric. Under the leadership of its founder, Tunzala Salimova, AvoInvest has an international team of over 100 people and operates under a Virtual Currency License enabling the company to provide a transparent, safe, and easy way to invest in DeFi and Web3.


Founded by Sandra Lou, Bitget has become a global leader in the cryptocurrency exchange industry, serving over two million users across more than 50 countries. Bitget focuses on social trading, promoting decentralized finance with a 600-strong workforce.


Crypto investors utilize Nansen, co-founded by Alex Svanevik, Evgeny Medvedev, Lars Bakke Krogvig, to explore opportunities and defend portfolios via enriched on-chain data with millions of wallet labels.


Enjin, co-founded by Maxim Blagov and Witek Radomski, is a key player in the blockchain and gaming industry and one of the pioneers of the NFT/metaverse projects.


Ren, co-founded by Loong Wang and Taiyang Zhang, allows the easy movement of value between blockchains. Its core product, RenVM, brings interoperability to decentralized finance (DeFi).


Changhao Jiang and Shixing Mao co-founded Cobo, the largest crypto custodian in the Asia Pacific. Cobo has over 300 institutions and HNWIs clients throughout the blockchain and DeFi space.

Merkle Science

Co-founder Mriganka Pattnaik and Nirmal AK set up Merkle Science, a software company providing predictive crypto risk and intelligence platforms to businesses and government agencies worldwide.

Kyber Network

KyberNetwork is a revolutionary digital asset exchange platform, co-founded by Loi Luu, Victor Tran, and Yaron Velner.


Pillow, founded by Arindam Roy, Kartik Mishra, and Rajath KM in 2021, is a crypto investment startup that accelerates the adoption of crypto services in emerging economies.

Amber Group

The Amber Group, co-founded by Luke Li, Michael Wu, Thomas Zhu, and Tiantian Kullander, offers global crypto finance services for users around the world. The Amber Group provides 24/7 service to 200+ institutional clients, cumulatively trading over $200 billion across 60+ electronic exchanges.

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