Showcasing Warsaw’s Rising Leaders in Fintech Database Innovation


Warsaw, the capital and largest city of Poland, has over the years become an innovative and knowledge-intensive Fintech destination. Its buoyant startup scene anchors on technology, entrepreneurship, and innovation, with special focus directed towards the growing database industry. This article examines a number of database oriented companies that have contributed significantly to the Fintech ecosystem in Warsaw, drawing attention to their industry pursuits, origin, backgrounds, and overall operations.

The significance of databases across various industries cannot be overemphasized. From Software development, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, real estate, to e-commerce, these companies provide solutions that have been crucial in boosting business intelligence, operational efficiency, data analysis, and in ensuring optimal decision-making processes. By harnessing distinctive techniques and technologies, these companies have revolutionized the business world in different remarkable ways.

Below are some of the database companies headquartered in Warsaw, Mazowieckie, Poland.

eDream Data

An Artificial Intelligence, Database, and Software company, eDream Data was created with the intent of designing and implementing a software for a database that can analyze and organize data into defined customer profiles. The inventors integrated Artificial Intelligence and specialized algorithms to construct predictive models and ‘nurture’ potential customers – mainly targeting medium-to-large scale businesses. Despite being a relatively novel offering in the market, eDream’s multifaceted data mining service has radically transformed the business sphere.


DMSales operates within various sectors such as Advertising, Database, Email Marketing, and Information Technology. Their innovative solutions promote businesses by optimizing lead generation strategies, marketing methodologies, and operational excellence in related IT platforms. Find them on Twitter @dmsalespoland, on Facebook at and on LinkedIn at


Founded by Alexey Kalachik and Igor Yakutovich, Fively is a full-cycle software company in the Cyber Security, Database and E-Commerce industry. Since 2018, their team has developed complex custom products for startups and large-scale enterprises and offers project management, quality assurance, product design, and business intelligence services. Connect with them on Twitter @FIVELY5, Facebook Fively and LinkedIn


Flexibris is a company in the Database and Professional Services industry. Their suite of services includes translation services that have revolutionized communication and operational efficiency in businesses.


Cenatorium is a company operating in the Database, Leasing, and Real Estate industry. They have cultivated a reputation for creating cutting-edge solutions leveraged by businesses in their respective fields. Connect with them on Linkedin at–z-o-o-/.


LeadR, founded by Sebastian Bialousz, is an interactive agency providing a wide range of advertising tools. Specializing in direct marketing campaigns, their services include database marketing, lead generation, email marketing and advertising. Follow them on Facebook at and Linkedin at

Index Copernicus

Part of the Database, Information Services, Information Technology, and Publishing industry, Index Copernicus is renowned for their valuable contribution to businesses within Warsaw. Find them on Linkedin at


Intercenbud is a database, software, and trading platform company that complies with all requirements for calculating unit prices in investor cost estimates and preparing investment valuations. Their construction price database is integral for cost prediction process. Connect with them on Facebook at

Uczciwy Przedsiebiorca

In the B2B, Database, Information Services, and Professional Services industry, Uczciwy Przedsiebiorca provides innovative solutions tailored to businesses needs. You can connect with them on Facebook at


Note: Information like the founders or descriptions were missing for some companies, so they couldn’t be included in the article.

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