Showcasing Tampa’s Pioneering Blockchain Enterprises in the Fintech Industry

Tampa, Florida, in the United States, is emerging as an important location for growing companies within the technology-oriented industries. Among them, the blockchain industry stands out. This industry’s innovative developments in various sectors, such as infrastructure, software, healthcare, fintech, and many others, have become an integral part of Tampa’s evolving technological landscape. This article will take a closer look at these trail-blazing organizations that are bolstering the vibrant fin-tech scene in Tampa.

Of these organizations, a few are making significant strides in employing this revolutionary technology to create groundbreaking solutions, with clear strategic vision considering the volatility and potential of the blockchain. This is coupled with a drive to overcome the challenges associated with the adoption and application of these technologies. Such companies that have settled in Tampa have demonstrated innovation, initial capital investments, strategic partnerships, robust infrastructures, and promising value propositions for various use cases.

Below, you can find profiles on these Tampa-based Blockchain companies that are making significant contributions to the global blockchain industry.

Pocket Network

Located in Tampa, Florida, Pocket Network is a blockchain company that serves as a decentralized infrastructure for developers looking to build peer-to-peer applications. Founded by Michael P. O’Rourke, the company operates in sectors such as Blockchain, Developer Platform, Infrastructure, IT Infrastructure, and Software. Pocket Network enables developers to seamlessly integrate web3 applications into their websites, mobile apps, IoT, and more. Find them on social media at @POKTnetwork on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


BlockSpaces is another Tampa-based company that has made strides in the Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Developer APIs, Developer Tools, and Infrastructure industries. Founded by Gabe Higgins and Rosa Shores in 2017, BlockSpaces connects business applications to blockchain networks through managed Web3 infrastructure, no/low code workflows, and robust performance analytics. Find them on social media at @BlockSpaces_io on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Professional Credentials Exchange

In the Blockchain, Health Care, Marketplace, and Software sector there is Professional Credentials Exchange. Founded by Anthony Begando and Les Wilkinson, this company focuses on creating a digital marketplace for verified professional credentials, especially in the U.S. Healthcare market. Their Exchange serves as a tool connecting various industry constituents facilitating the request and receipt of verified credentials information. Follow them on social media at @ProCredEx on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Founded by Alex Scott, Raj Kamal, and Siddharth Ramesh, Trans-Fi is a fintech company that specializes in Blockchain, FinTech, Payments, and Virtual Currency. Trans-Fi has designed a web3 payment platform aimed at the purchase of digital assets and NFTs, complete with a secure wallet for moving money seamlessly from fiat to coins, tokens, and NFTs. You can follow them at @getTransFi on Twitter and LinkedIn.


3Blocks, founded by Pawel Wozniak and Siddu Kadi, is a company that provides prop-tech software products. They operate within the Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Finance, Insurance, Property Management, and Real Estate sectors. Their software serves as a compliant bridge between real estate, the metaverse, and DeFi. Follow them on social media at @3Blocks_io and get them on LinkedIn.

Medala Labs

Within the Blockchain, Gaming, Mobile, and Software industries there is Medala Labs. This company was founded by Matt Hartley and Nate Lehoux. Connect with them on social media at @medalaprotocol on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Exzo Network

Exzo Network, founded by Stefan Creadore, aims to facilitate mass adoption of blockchain technology in the web3 era. They primarily operate in the Blockchain and Information Technology sectors. Follow them on social media on @Exzo_Network on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Diverge, a company founded by Lincoln Alexander, focuses on the Blockchain, Finance, Financial Exchanges, Financial Services, Internet, and Virtual Currency sectors. They plan to dominate the cryptocurrency exchange industry with superior product design and customer experience, offering Crypto & NFT wallets, markets, a native coin, and a Cryptocurrency exchange.

Rentit Inc

Rentit Inc, established by David Rodriguez, is a marketplace for renters and lenders of virtually any physical item. They also allow the usage of cryptocurrency through the Coinbase API for transactions. They operate within Blockchain, E-Commerce, GreenTech, Marketplace, Rental, and Retail Technology industries.


HyperionX, founded by Jeremy Klein, integrates business agreements with blockchain technology through verified digital identities, aiming to bridge the gap between global business resources and entrepreneurs. They operate within the Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, E-Learning, Information Technology, Internet, and Payments sectors. Follow them on social media on @HyperionXtech on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Florida Blockchain Business Association

The Florida Blockchain Business Association is a non-profit organization promoting blockchain-friendly policies to make Florida a global destination and an innovation hub for the blockchain community. Follow them on social media on @blockchainfl on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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