Shanghai’s Pioneering Data Mining Companies Transforming Global Fintech Landscape

Data mining industry has fast gained significant traction, with major industry players using this technology to build innovative life-changing products that not only provide solutions but also transform our lives. In today’s digital world, Data Mining is the fuel to machine learning and AI, enabling machines to learn from past data and predict future patterns. A global tech hub, Shanghai, China, is home to several leading companies that have contrived pioneering solutions incorporated with data mining technology. This article highlights notable companies operating in the Data Mining industry based in Shanghai.


ByteDance was founded in 2012 with a goal to inspire creativity and enrich life. Offering more than a dozen products, including the globally popular TikTok, Helo, and Resso, it provides a sensing platform for people to consume and create content. In-depth data mining technology is used to recommend personalized content to its users.


Co-founded by Alex Yang, HPOOL is a leading company in the hard disk mine industry. In addition to developing a hard disk mining platform focusing on POC mining, it provides IT consulting and technical support services.

Mayi Zhongbao

Offering AI data, Mayi Zhongbao is a platform that provides services such as data extraction, collection, cleaning, and verification. It uses advanced data mining technology to provide data sets for AI.


Co-founded by Lutuo Gao, MetroDataTech is a noteworthy player in the data mining industry. It mainly serves real estate developers providing services for data mining and reconstruction.


Fasii is a key player offering flash storage technology, reconfigurable computing, and data calculation. It helps businesses by providing solutions for cloud computing systems and equipment level technical innovation support in various sectors.

Miind AI

Serving in the industry of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Data Mining, and Machine Learning, Miind AI is designing innovative solutions using data mining technology.


Known for delivering precise and real-time data, Wind is the leading firm in financial data, information services, and solutions in China. It utilizes advanced data mining and analysis techniques to provide sophisticated financial data.

Shanghai Boshiyuan Advertising Co., Ltd.

Co-founded by Danny Levinson and Paul Doyle, Shanghai Boshiyuan Advertising Co., Ltd. is known for its robust techniques and data mining capabilities. Its expertise involves creating successful advertising strategies using data research.

In conclusion, data mining is massively transforming the global tech industry. Companies are integrating data mining technology to analyze patterns, trends and to gain a competitive edge in the market. As industry players based in Shanghai keep innovating and pushing boundaries, we can look forward to more ground-breaking solutions that will revolutionize our day to day lives.

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