Shanghai’s Crowdfunding Industry Leaders: Breakthrough Innovations in Fintech

Based in the thriving hub of Shanghai, numerous firms are actively participating in the crowdfunding industry. These fintech companies present an inspiring portrayal of innovation, essential to the development of the city’s financial services field. The following is an exploration of ten notable firms operating in the crowdfunding industry from their Shanghainese headquarters.

These companies embody the diversity the crowdfunding industry has to offer, hailing from sectors such as angel investment, banking, consulting, education, digital marketing and venture capital. The following showcases the dynamic nature of the industry in Shanghai.

Serving the needs of various stakeholders, these firms are focused on disruption. They play a vital role in contributing to ongoing technological progression within the realm of finance, which in turn impacts individuals and businesses alike. We shed light on these cutting-edge companies, their unique offerings and enduring dedication to fintech advancements.

Gongzi Qianbao

Operating when it comes to angel investment, banking, consulting, crowdfunding, financial services, legal and wealth management, Gongzi Qianbao has made a name for itself. Recognized as a Top Innovative Wealth Management Brand in 2015, the company doesn’t appear to have any social media presence.

Yao Capital

Established in January 2016 by NBA Hall of Famer Yao Ming and four veteran investors including David Han, Yao Capital is a private equity firm offering crowdfunding, financial services, fintech, and venture capitalist services. They focus on growth and buy-out stage investment opportunities in the global sports industry with a China angle.


Coinage centers on crowdfunding, education, and financial services. Full information on their operations and social media presence is not known.


Artable, co-founded by Zoe Zhang, is a dynamic social enterprise dedicated to supporting independent artists, creators and researchers. From crowdfunding initiatives to digital marketing and music collaborations, Artable is an ecosystem designed to facilitate innovation and creativity in their user community. You can check them out on Facebook and Linkedin.

Z-Ben Advisors

Z-Ben Advisors is a diverse platform rooted in banking, consulting, crowdfunding, insurance, and legal sectors. Their operations and precise services aren’t readily available, but their Facebook and Linkedin pages can provide further information.


DACx, founded by Qijun Wang, is a unique fintech firm, diving into the sectors of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, in addition to crowdfunding. You can follow their activities on theirFacebook page.


SeedAsia is all about crowdfunding, finance, fintech, financial services and information technology. The company provides global investors with the opportunity to invest in Chinese & Southeast Asian tech startups. They are also maintaining an active presence on Facebook.

3A Credit

Specializing in consulting and crowdfunding, 3A Credit’s operations can be better understood through their page on Linkedin.

Nord Engine Group

A Chinese investment firm, Nord Engine Group, focuses on private equity, fund of funds, fixed income and property investments, in addition to crowdfunding services. Further information on their operations currently remains unknown.

Fueled by the creativity of Edward Goin, innovates in the areas of crowdfunding, e-commerce, and personalization. They are also maintaining an active presence on Facebook.


Working in the realms of banking and crowdfunding, Ganker’s full characteristics and operations are not readily accessible.

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