Seattle’s Leading Blockchain Innovators Reshaping the American Fintech Landscape


Although Seattle is renowned for its lush forests, it’s also a flourishing technology hub housing numerous blockchain companies. These businesses range from burgeoning start-ups to well-established enterprises, all drawing on the transformative power of blockchain technology. This article takes a look at some of these companies, each contributing to the fintech landscape in unique ways.

With no shortage of entrepreneurial spirit, Seattle is constantly cultivating innovation across various tech sub-sectors, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cryptocurrency, Machine Learning (ML), and Software Development. Tapping into the city’s dynamic ecosystem, several blockchain companies have been making headlines with their game-changing products and services.

In this article, we share a snapshot of a few Seattle-based companies that are prominently leveraging blockchain technology across different industries. Their groundbreaking work has invariably cemented Seattle’s status as a technology powerhouse in the United States.

Spice AI

Spice AI, an Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain company, aims to make AI and ML more accessible to developers. Co-founders Lane Harris, Luke Kim, and Phillip LeBlanc leverage their combined experience at Microsoft and GitHub to strive for an easier way to create intelligent apps. Spice AI is focused on making quality, life-improving AI reachable to all. You can follow them on Twitter @spice_ai or LinkedIn here.


Coinme, co-founded by Neil Bergquist and Michael Smyers, is a cryptocurrency company that operates the largest licensed cryptocurrency cash exchange in the U.S. The company powers thousands of physical locations across 48 states to buy and sell bitcoin using cash. Coinme is also on Twitter @Coinme, Facebook here and LinkedIn here.

Irreverent Labs

Irreverent Labs, led by founders David Raskino and Rahul Sood, is escalating the gaming industry to new levels. They endeavor to create entertainment venues where all characters are AI-powered Non-Player Characters (NPCs). They are also on Twitter as @IrreverentLabs, Facebook here and on LinkedIn here.


Branch is an enticing blockchain and software company with a mission to build next-generation captivating social games in web3. Co-founded by Dayton Mills and Kai Micah Mills, this emerging company is also available on Twitter @branch_ggand LinkedIn here.

Transparent Financial Systems

Transparent Financial Systems envisages a more efficient and transparent payment system for everyone. The brainchild of Jeff Kramer, this company brings together the best of existing financial tools and restructures them to enhance efficiency, all within the current regulatory frameworks. Follow them on Twitter @TPFinSys and LinkedIn here.

Luxor Technologies

Luxor Technologies, co-founded by Eddie Wang, Nick Hansen and Ethan Vera, is a fully integrated blockchain company. The company is leading the blockchain infrastructure by running mining pools for high-quality altcoins like Bitcoin, ZCash, Horizen, Pirate, Monero, Sia, Decred, AION, LBRY, and more. Find them on Twitter @luxortechteam and LinkedIn here.

Stably Corporation

The Stably Corporation, co-founded by Kory Hoang and David Zhang, is a venture capital-backed FinTech start-up providing asset tokenization and stablecoin infrastructure. Their aim is to bridge traditional finance with the digital economy by providing efficient fiat-to-stablecoin on-ramps. You can connect with them on Twitter @Stably_Official, Facebook here and LinkedIn here.

Transparent Path spc

Transparent Path spc, co-founded by Eric Weaver, Greg Lind, Lauren Adler, and Mark Kammerer is tackling the problem of supply chain disruptions. Their solution tracks location and shipment conditions and provides real-time updates to minimize waste and cost. Follow them on Twitter @transparentpath and LinkedIn here.

Strix Leviathan

Strix Leviathan, founded by the team of Jesse Proudman, Lee Huffman, Ryan Tomayko and Sadie Raney, is building a crypto-trading platform that executes programmable automated trading strategies based on proprietary technical analysis. Follow them on Twitter @StrixLeviathan and LinkedIn here. is a healthcare tech company innovating AI/ML cloud-based tools for front-line healthcare and ER staff. Founded by Brock Thibodeaux, is playing a crucial role in integrating blockchain technology into healthcare. Follow them via LinkedIn here.


Niftory, founded by Anir Agarwal, is demystifying the NFT universe by developing a platform that converts digital content into NFTs — uniting the blockchain and digital marketing realms. Stay updated by following Niftory on Twitter @niftory.


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