Sao Paulo’s Pioneering Debit Card Fintech Innovators: A Comprehensive Showcase

Debit cards play an integral part in the world of finance, especially as fintech is increasingly utilized globally. Specifically in São Paulo, Brazil, a diverse and innovative array of companies within the debit card industry has emerged, revolutionising financial solutions across multiple sectors. This article features notable fintech companies based in São Paulo that are making significant strides in the debit card industry.

These companies represent a myriad of financial services, from payment platforms, B2B and B2C services, to banking solutions, and cutting-edge technological financial solutions. Through their innovative services and products, these entities are transforming the financial landscape in areas such as payments, credit and debit cards, venture capital, and e-commerce.

The focus of these fintech companies is not solely on businesses and entrepreneurs but encompasses services for individual customers as well. They offer value-added services that promote convenience, accessibility, and financial empowerment. Let’s dive deeper into each of these companies to get a better understanding of their offerings and operations.

RoadPass Payments & Urban Mobility

RoadPass Payments & Urban Mobility is a fintech venture that offers a ‘Bank as a Service’ model. They facilitate companies to create their own fintech solutions with digital financial and credit services. Their portfolio includes Digital Accounts, Gateways, Recurrence, Transfers, Credit Cards and more. The company is a part of Chisel Venture Capital LLC. Visit their Facebook and LinkedIn pages to connect.


Abacashi leads the way in Brazil in the day-to-day money pot platform. With Abacashi, you can organize private and public events, facilitate donations, and even tackle friend payment issues. Their service has the cheapest rates, fastest bank transfers, and top customer service. Connect with them on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Cielo SA is a leading electronic payment solution in Latin America. They capture transactions of the five major card brands in the world, facilitating the process from acquisition to settlement. After an impressive IPO in 2009, the company rebranded to Cielo, and has since been a comprehensive financial solution platform. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Adiq Credenciadora

Adiq Credenciadora offers financial solutions within the credit, debit card, and e-commerce markets. Learn more about them via their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Ticket provides payment solutions focusing on debit cards and employee benefits. Connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, as well as their LinkedIn page.


Bux specializes in financial services with a focus on small and medium businesses. Visit their Facebook and LinkedIn pages for more.

Qui! Card

Qui! Card excels in CRM, debit cards, e-commerce, financial services, loyalty programs, and payments.


Unitfour provides services to banks and collection agencies, offering online consultation systems, mailing lists, data enrichment and updates. Their diverse client roster includes banks, retail, collection, and other sectors. Join them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Click Bank

Click Bank offers banking solutions with a focus on credit and debit cards. Check out their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Contativa is a technology company that provides a digital account without monthly fees or interest. Their debit card, CONTAVIVA, acts as a virtual credit. You can connect with them via their Facebook page.


Bevipag specializes in credit and debit card financial services. Stay updated by following them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

In conclusion, the diverse range of products and services offered by these companies in São Paulo marks a significant shift in the debit card industry by combining technology and finance. Their innovative solutions are disrupting how banking and financial services are accessed and used, marking the advent of a new era in finance and much promise for future developments.

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