San Diego Pioneers: Stellar Data Mining Innovations in Fintech Industry

Welcome to the Data Mining industry of San Diego, California: a hub where the fields of finance and technology converge. In recent years, this southern California city has made significant waves in the world of Fintech, with the emergence of innovative companies that are making strides in areas such as augmented reality, real estate investment, mobile app development, predictive analytics, and more.

At heart of these developments is data. Data is the new gold and the ability to effectively mine and use it is a significant distinguishing factor for any company. In San Diego, several companies are demonstrating their prowess in data mining, leveraging their skills and technologies to unearth insights that drive decision-making and growth.

This article will shine a spotlight on some of these Data Mining companies headquartered in San Diego, delving into their backgrounds and contributions to their respective industries. These companies are proving that San Diego is indeed a hotbed of fintech innovation.


Your imagination is the limit when it comes to Inertia’s location-driven Construction Management platform solutions. Co-founded by Matthew Hudelson in 2010, Inertia uses data mining among other techniques to streamline construction processes and workflows, effectively saving companies time and money. Its intelligent construction drawings link projects from design to build, creating efficiencies and spotting issues before they can negatively impact on schedule or budget. Sectors served by Inertia include commercial, health care, higher education, and transportation in the United States. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Deckard Technologies

Founded by Greg Rose, Deckard Technologies uses data mining to provide city and county governments the analytics and insights they need for tax fairness and revenue recovery. Its platform uses AI to analyze hundreds-of-millions of images and data points, providing local governments with unmatched insight into residential and commercial properties. Follow Deckard Technologies on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Ada Jonuse is the founder of Lympo, a wellness and engagement platform that incentivizes healthy actions and well-being at the workplace. Using data mining among its techniques, Lympo offers both B2C and B2B solutions. They are operating in the USA, Northern Europe and South Korea. Stay updated through their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.


SaaSMAX, founded by Dina Moskowitz, takes data mining to another level by enabling channel teams to learn whether a company is a great fit for their reseller program. SaaSMAX leverages data-driven approaches to boost vendors’ efficiency and accelerate reseller channel sales performance. Learn more by following SaaSMAX on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Founded by Antonio Rodríguez Lorenzo, Federico Riveroll, Javier Echevarría, and Kenneth Sanford, OpenBlender‘s data blending technology allows efficient enrichment of models with contextual data from various sources. The company is a notable recipient of the 2021-2022 Gartner Cool Vendor in Data for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning award. Follow OpenBlender on Twitter and LinkedIn.


eHR offers a comprehensive electronic health record (EHR) and cloud-based solution. This allows for efficient integration with existing information systems and provides automated data collection, aiding a multitude of professionals.

InDepth Corporation

Specializing in geospatial data mining, InDepth Corporation is another San-Diego based company making a difference in the fintech ecosystem. For more about InDepth Corporation, check out their page on LinkedIn.


Founded by Mike Wienick and Peter Dresslar, Elevada is cementing its place in the data mining industry. The company uses its specialized software to mine, manage and maximize the use of data for businesses.

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