Revolutionizing Fintech: Spotlight on Cryptocurrency Giants Headquartered in Jersey City

Centered in the state of New Jersey, Jersey City has developed itself as a hub for Financial Technology (FinTech) startups. Particularly, industries exploring blockchain and cryptocurrency innovation have found a home in the city. These companies range from traditional FinTech, consumer lending, bitcoin and cryptocurrency, to the growing gaming industry powered by smart contracts. Given the diversity of these companies’ activities, their strategic location in Jersey City insists on the city’s capabilities to foster innovation in the world of digital finance and cryptocurrency.

Whether they are securing non-bank loans, operating crypto-ATMs, offering web3 smart contract gaming platforms, or providing risk management applications for global financial markets, all these companies have one thing in common: they are rooted in the digital transformation of financial services. Their existence in the market is a testament to the ongoing innovation within the cryptocurrency landscape.

In this article, we throw light on the names that are making waves in the cryptocurrency industry in Jersey City, New Jersey, United States. The focus will be on what they do and the founders who have fueled their success.


BlockFi is a leading player in the cryptocurrency space, offering USD loans to crypto-asset owners. The firm was founded by Flori Marquez and Zac Prince. They aim to meet the needs of individuals and institutions holding blockchain assets by providing liquidity, transparency, and efficiency to the market. Their goal is to expand their product set based on their retail and institutional clients’ needs. Connect with BlockFi on Twitter and Facebook.


MCL, founded by Matthew Conner, is all about having fun while earning. This web3 smart contract gaming platform gives individuals the opportunity to make money while playing games. Follow MCL’s exciting journey on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Starlight, founded by Ben Yang and Grey Nguyen, provides a comprehensive solution for companies to manage their crypto assets. From setting up wallets, purchasing crypto, to tracking expenses, Starlight takes care of the nitty-gritty, allowing companies to focus on their core business operations. Get to know more about Starlight on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Established by Andre Benz, Hostify is working at the intersection of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and the Internet of Things. Further information about the services they provide can be found on their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Genesis Capital

Genesis Capital is a major cryptocurrency player offering institutions the ability to borrow and lend large amounts of bitcoin and other digital currencies for fixed terms. You can know more about Genesis Capital’s operations on Twitter and LinkedIn.


ATuM, founded by Elena Belyayeva, is North America’s fastest-growing crypto ATM network. They are committed to providing convenient and seamless access to a variety of top digital currencies. More about ATuM can be discovered on their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages.

EBS Dealing Resources

EBS Dealing Resources operates in a spectrum of sectors ranging from Communities, Cryptocurrency, Information Technology to Leisure.

Outsetnet, LLC

Outsetnet, LLC, formed by Michael Gabinsky and Tatiana Mikhailenko, is a technology services provider specializing in global financial markets. They offer customizable FIX protocol solutions tailored for crypto currency markets.


FlexFills is an emerging player in the banking, fintech, and trading platform industry. Connect with Flexfills on LinkedIn.

Compaq Trades

Compaq Trades is a key player in bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and trading platform domains.


Last but not least, Crypto-Systems offers comprehensive algorithmic solutions for trading digital assets.

These businesses are at the forefront of crypto innovation in Jersey City, marking it as one of the top destinations for crypto entrepreneurship. With the continued growth and development of these companies, Jersey City will further fortify its position as a significant crypto hub in the United States.

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