Partnerships and Innovations Drive Payment Industry Advancements

Key Takeaways

– UniPaas has partnered with GoCardless Embed, expanding its payment capabilities.
– Temenos has achieved certification for Fed Now, enabling faster and more efficient payment processing.
– Nexpay has expanded its services with Swift payments in multiple currencies, enhancing its global reach.
– PayNearby has launched a radio station, providing a unique platform for financial education and entertainment.
– TrustPay and IXOPAY have joined forces, offering a comprehensive payment solution for businesses.
– ConnexPay has introduced real-time B2B payments in Europe, simplifying cross-border transactions.
– Travelex has collaborated with HedgeFlows to offer a pre-order FX service, improving customer experience.
– Paddle has launched a program to support AI founders, fostering innovation in the fintech industry.
– London’s biggest fintech companies are advocating for a review of legislation on hidden bank fees for international payments.
– TCF 2023 has featured insightful discussions on people strategies, partnerships, and collaboration in the fintech and banking sectors.

UniPaas Partners with GoCardless Embed

UniPaas, a leading payment solutions provider, has recently announced a strategic partnership with GoCardless Embed. This collaboration aims to enhance UniPaas’ payment capabilities by integrating GoCardless Embed’s innovative payment technology into its platform. With this integration, UniPaas users will have access to a wider range of payment options, including direct debit and recurring payments. This partnership will enable UniPaas to offer a more comprehensive and convenient payment solution to its customers.

Temenos Achieves Certification for Fed Now

Temenos, a global banking software company, has achieved certification for Fed Now, the Federal Reserve’s instant payment service. This certification signifies that Temenos’ payment solutions meet the stringent requirements set by the Federal Reserve for real-time payment processing. By achieving this certification, Temenos can now offer its clients faster and more efficient payment processing capabilities, enabling them to provide instant payments to their customers. This development is a significant milestone for Temenos and reinforces its position as a leading provider of cutting-edge payment solutions.

Nexpay Expands Services with Swift Payments

Nexpay, a prominent payment service provider, has expanded its services by integrating Swift payments in 23 currencies. This expansion allows Nexpay to offer its customers a broader range of payment options, facilitating seamless cross-border transactions. With Swift payments, businesses can now send and receive payments in multiple currencies quickly and securely. This development positions Nexpay as a global player in the payment industry, catering to the needs of businesses operating in diverse markets.

PayNearby Launches Radio Station

PayNearby, a leading fintech company, has recently launched its own radio station, providing a unique platform for financial education and entertainment. The radio station, named “PayNearby Radio,” aims to engage and educate its users on various financial topics, including digital payments, banking services, and financial literacy. By leveraging the power of radio, PayNearby aims to reach a wider audience and empower individuals with the knowledge and tools to make informed financial decisions. This innovative initiative sets PayNearby apart from its competitors and demonstrates its commitment to financial inclusion and education.

TrustPay and IXOPAY Join Forces

TrustPay, a trusted payment service provider, and IXOPAY, a leading payment orchestration platform, have announced a strategic partnership. This collaboration combines TrustPay’s expertise in secure payment processing with IXOPAY’s advanced payment orchestration capabilities. The partnership aims to offer businesses a comprehensive payment solution that streamlines payment processes, enhances security, and improves the overall customer experience. By joining forces, TrustPay and IXOPAY are well-positioned to meet the evolving needs of businesses in an increasingly digital and interconnected world.

ConnexPay Launches Real-Time B2B Payments in Europe

ConnexPay, a payment technology company, has launched real-time B2B payments in Europe, supporting transactions in GBP and EUR currencies. This development enables businesses to make instant cross-border payments, eliminating the delays and complexities associated with traditional payment methods. ConnexPay’s real-time payment solution provides businesses with greater control, transparency, and efficiency in their financial operations. By expanding its services to Europe, ConnexPay strengthens its position as a leading provider of innovative payment solutions for businesses worldwide.

Travelex Taps HedgeFlows for Pre-Order FX Service

Travelex, a renowned foreign exchange company, has partnered with HedgeFlows to offer a pre-order FX service. This service allows customers to pre-order foreign currency online and collect it at their preferred Travelex location. By leveraging HedgeFlows’ technology, Travelex aims to enhance customer experience by reducing waiting times and ensuring the availability of desired currencies. This collaboration demonstrates Travelex’s commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions in the foreign exchange industry.

Paddle Launches Program to Support AI Founders

Paddle, a leading revenue delivery platform, has launched a new program to support founders in the AI industry. This program, named “AI Founders,” aims to provide AI startups with the necessary resources, mentorship, and funding to accelerate their growth and success. Paddle recognizes the immense potential of AI technology and aims to foster innovation by supporting AI founders in their entrepreneurial journey. This initiative reflects Paddle’s commitment to nurturing the next generation of AI-driven businesses and driving technological advancements in the fintech industry.

London’s Fintech Companies Advocate for Review of Hidden Bank Fees

Fifteen of London’s biggest fintech companies have come together to demand a review of legislation regarding hidden bank fees for international payments. These companies argue that hidden fees imposed by banks for international transactions hinder transparency and impose unnecessary costs on businesses and consumers. By advocating for a review of these fees, London’s fintech companies aim to promote fair and transparent pricing in the banking industry, fostering a more competitive and customer-centric financial ecosystem.

Insights from TCF 2023

The recently concluded TCF 2023 conference featured insightful discussions on various topics shaping the fintech and banking landscape. Speakers at the conference highlighted the importance of people strategies in the fintech industry, emphasizing the need for talent acquisition, retention, and development to drive innovation and growth. Additionally, partnerships for innovation in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) market were explored, showcasing the potential for collaboration between fintech companies and traditional financial institutions to drive financial inclusion and digital transformation. Furthermore, collaboration for cloud scalability in the banking industry was discussed, highlighting the benefits of cloud technology in enhancing operational efficiency, scalability, and security for financial institutions.


The payments industry continues to witness significant developments and partnerships that shape the way businesses and consumers transact. From strategic collaborations to technological advancements, these news highlights demonstrate the ongoing efforts to enhance payment capabilities, improve customer experience, and foster innovation in the fintech landscape. As the industry evolves, it is crucial for businesses to stay informed and adapt to the changing payment landscape to remain competitive and meet the evolving needs of their customers.

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