Orlando’s Fintech Innovators: Pioneers Shaping the Future of Financial Services

Orlando’s Noteworthy Fintech Companies

Orlando, Florida is rapidly growing as a hub for financial technology. This sunny city, known for its theme parks and golf courses, is now also home to a burgeoning FinTech industry. Some of these companies are pioneers in their respective fields, while others are innovative startups shaking up the industry with fresh ideas and technology. They collectively provide a wide array of services, from online mortgage assistance to blockchain technology, and are shaping the future of finance. Here we spotlight some notable FinTech companies headquartered in Orlando.

Home Lending Pal

Home Lending Pal, co-founded by Bryan Young, Steven Better, and Tim Roberson, is pioneering the use of AI and machine learning in the financial services industry. They provide an Automated Mortgage Advisor that helps buyers determine mortgage approval odds and judge the impact of affordability based on lifestyle. This blockchain-based approach enables users to access needed information while simplifying the home-buying process. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.


Globalfy, founded by Diego Sampaio and Eva Palatinsky, is a one-stop solution for international business formation, banking, accounting, and more. Businesses can apply for a US bank account with a Visa debit card accepted worldwide, without the need for an SSN. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Mercury Cash

Mercury Cash is a global cash and crypto management solution designed for Fortune 500 companies. Co-founded by Amy Hunt, Carlos Arias Reggeti, Marco Pirrongelli, and Victor Romero, it integrates both centralized and decentralized finance in one platform. It offers tools like an accounting package, batch payments, management of multiple businesses in one session, and more. Follow them on Twitter or LinkedIn.


LSQ, established by Max Eliscu, aims to help businesses better manage their cash flow. They offer invoice financing and supply chain finance solutions. With simple, secure, and straightforward funding options, LSQ aims to help businesses accelerate the flow of transactions. Discover more about them on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.


Paperstac is a platform for real estate investors to buy and sell mortgage notes. Co-founded by Brett Burky, Mike McLin, Rick Allen, and TJ Osterman, it aims to facilitate transactions in a safe environment. Connect with Paperstac on Facebook or LinkedIn.


Miventure, founded by Jason Crystal and Luiggi Pera, is a mobile-first equity crowdfunding marketplace that connects early-stage startups with retail investors. Check out Miventure on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.


Edukate is a financial wellness platform that integrates with employer benefits. Co-founded by Anthony Collini and Chris Whitlow, it provides tools and educational resources to employees, facilitating an easy rollout in less than 30 days. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.


Jimy, founded by Antonio Flores Aldama, is a wealth-tech project using AI to search for market opportunities with high potential return. Their unique trading system allows users to review stocks and assess buying or selling times. Follow them on Twitter.


MERGED RE, developed by Jack Berube, aims to simplify the real estate supply chain with a multi-sided platform ecosystem that provides greater efficiency, trust, and transparency. Connect with them on Facebook or LinkedIn.


Paynuity, founded by Ron Moses, is a full-service payment processor and banking company. They provide secure payment services, card issuance, and AI-based real-time data intelligence. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

BRITE Investments

Last but not least, BRITE Investments, under the leadership of Alexandra Kay and Jake Hartigan, is a crowdfunding platform that provides access to unique deals to all investors helping local businesses grow their brands and market presence. Follow them on LinkedIn.

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