Leading Seoul-Based Crowdfunding Firms Revolutionizing the South Korean Fintech Landscape

Seoul, Seoul-t’ukpyolsi, South Korea is undoubtedly a bustling hub for the fintech industry, particularly within the dynamic realm of crowdfunding. By pushing boundaries and leveraging technology to facilitate widespread public-market investments, crowdfunding companies in Seoul are establishing a strong foothold not just in Korea, but also on the global stage. With their innovative platforms and tools, these companies are bringing together entrepreneurs and investors, facilitating new collaborations and shaping the future of global investments.

From platforms that specialize in K-culture content to AI-driven financial solutions, these diverse creators are paving the way for the fintech community in Seoul by reshaping traditional paradigms and catalyzing growth in the industry. As companies continue to grow and reshape the landscape, they highlight the immense potential and influence of crowdfunding to redefine traditional financial boundaries.

Here’s a look at some of the prominent crowdfunding companies thriving in Seoul, each with unique offerings and a shared ambition to drive innovation and inspire change in the financial world.


Founded by Jae-myun Kim, Makestar is a platform that provides K-culture content and information, connecting artists, fans, and production companies from around the globe. This platform offers audiences an incredible opportunity to interact with artists and participate in creating content, effectively bridging the gap between Hallyu stars and their international fanbase.


Developed by Kevin Azzouz, OpenTrade is dedicated to fostering a transparent, communicative environment between startups and investors. The platform allows ongoing dialogue and cultivates long-term relationships, thereby assisting in attracting investments for startups. Additionally, it offers mentorship in management, marketing, and finance, enhancing its contribution to the business ecosystem.


Conceived by Sean Park and Tom Hong, Xquare is an AI-driven fintech company that operates a crowdfunding platform focused on renewable energy. By providing a securitized marketplace for energy investments, Xquare presents users with an attractive, reliable investment opportunity in the clean energy market.


Co-founded by Javen Jeong and Jiguen Lee, Planet8 is a startup incubator and provider of internet and software solutions. The company incubates startups in the fashion, design, art, and tech sectors in Asia and provides e-Commerce solutions, responsive website development, and mobile development solutions.

Funding ForYou

Funding ForYou operates in the crowdfunding, finance, financial services, and fintech industries, offering a diverse suite of services to its users.


WEGENERATION is a social donation platform utilizing SNS to foster youth development. The platform conducts various donation campaigns, employing the influence of celebrities to raise funds for important causes.


Based in the financial services and crowdfunding industry, NeoSpring offers a unique, innovative approach to these fields.

The Ggum

Founded by Shijin Park, The Ggum is a Korean crowdsourcing funding platform connecting people with the necessary resources to fund their dream projects. This creative venture further demonstrates the influence of crowdfunding in nurturing ideas and businesses.


Nofetan operates within the arts, crowdfunding, and payments sectors, contributing a unique blend of creativity and finance.


Incujector is a web-based crowdfunding platform focused on art and cultural content. Since its inception in 2012, the company has revolutionized the way contributors interact with and fund art and culture.


Established by Geulyong Hae, GiveTalk offers a crowdfunding donation platform for smartphones. GiveTalk’s platform transforms the way people donate and provide assistance to various causes.

Each of these companies exemplifies the innovative power of Seoul’s crowdfunding sector and its influence in shaping the city’s vibrant fintech landscape.

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