Irvine’s Pioneering Cryptocurrency Companies Boosting Californian Fintech Landscape


The city of Irvine, California is home to a burgeoning Cryptocurrency industry. Several influential companies and
startups have planted roots in the city, making their mark on the rapidly evolving Fintech sector. In this article,
we take a closer look at some of the standout businesses operating in this exciting space.

These companies utilize cutting edge blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies to build innovative products and
services. Discover more about their founders, revenue avenues and how they’re leveraging technology to disrupt
their respective industries.

From Blockchain gaming to data centers and NFT marketplaces, these companies are a testament to the diversity
and versatility of the Cryptocurrency industry in Irvine. Let’s dive in:


Bling is a unique fusion of Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and Gaming. Founded by Amy Wan and Daniel Rice, the company
offers a platform where users can earn loyalty rewards in Bitcoin simply by playing games! Connect with them:

Twitter: @blingfiapp
Facebook: Facebook page
Linkedin: LinkedIn page


As a tech-rich Agriculture, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Gamification, Internet, and Software company, SuperFarm
allows users to deploy crypto and NFT farms swiftly, without needing to write a single line of code. Connect with

Twitter: @superfarmdao
Facebook: Facebook page
Linkedin: LinkedIn page

Merkle Standard

Focusing on Cryptocurrency, Data Center, and Internet services, Merkle Standard strives to build North America’s
largest sustainable digital asset mining platform, with a strong commitment to renewable energy. Connect with

Twitter: @MerkleStandard?s=20&t=rWoAz8O9XxUMPJU3UbPbPQ
Linkedin: LinkedIn page


InCircl merges Cryptocurrency, E-Commerce, Information Technology, and Payments to deliver unique data-driven
insights, inventive reward systems, and dynamic mobile commerce tools. Connect with them:

Twitter: @incircl
Facebook: Facebook page

Openlake NFT

Openlake, the first NFT marketplace integrated with AI, IoT and Blockchain technologies, emphasizes on Music,
Film, Game and Art. The platform has partnered with top entertainment companies worldwide. Connect with

Twitter: @OpenlakeNFT

M.C Capital Ventures

A leader in the Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Fintech, and Hedge Funds sectors, M.C Capital Ventures primarily
focuses on investing in real estate, private companies, and blockchain/cryptocurrencies. The company also ventures
into other areas that are in line with their culture and mindset. Connect with them:

Twitter: @MCCVentures
Facebook: Facebook page

UA Multimedia

A prominent player in the Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and FinTech industries, UA Multimedia is an ambitious
organization with significant contributions to the sector. Connect with them:

Twitter: @UAMultimedia
Facebook: Facebook page


As a Cryptocurrency and Software company, X-CASH has pioneered many technical innovations in the digital asset
space. Connect with them:

Twitter: @XCashCrypto


Blocksphere develops use-case-driven blockchain apps encouraging the mainstream use of decentralized computing
systems. Operating in the Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Internet of Things, and Software industries, they enable
consumers and corporations to access and use tokenized assets. Connect with them:

Linkedin: LinkedIn page

Rinno – routing innovation

Rinno assists in the digital transformation of large organizations by connecting them with cutting-edge startups
and supporting innovation, business development, and implementation. Connect with them:

Linkedin: LinkedIn page

Rise Capital

Founded by Ali Sina, Rise Capital is a Blockchain and Cryptoasset Investment Firm aimed at fostering the growth
of the Cryptocurrency sector. Connect with them:

Linkedin: LinkedIn page


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