Indonesia’s Powerful Jakarta-Based Crowdfunding Platforms Transforming Fintech Landscape

The rapidly changing landscape of Indonesia’s financial industry is increasingly being shaped by FinTech companies designed to facilitate crowdsourcing. Leveraging technology to address gaps in the existing financial landscape, these firms either bring together would-be financiers to invest in promising ventures, or pool funding from various sources to support social causes and innovative projects. By taking the power of high finance and putting it in the hands of ordinary people, these companies are democratising investment in a truly exciting way. Let’s take a look at some of the major players in the crowdfunding industry headquartered in Jakarta, Jakarta Raya, Indonesia.

Netzme Kreasi Indonesia, PT

Founded by Kong Putra and Vicky Saputra, Netzme is a Fintech company specialising in a variety of services including advertising platforms, billing, content creation, crowdfunding, mobile payments, personal finance, Point of Sale, and QR Codes. The company positions itself as a revolutionary approach to doing business in Indonesia, combining payment services and community engagement. They have also obtained e-money, transfer fund and QRIS provider licenses from the Central Bank of Indonesia. Find them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Established by Alfatih Timur and Vikra Ijas, is an online crowdfunding platform for social and personal medical causes. Since its establishment in 2013, Kitabisa has facilitated over $40 million in donations from millions of donors from all over Indonesia. They can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Founded by Ivan Nikolas Tambunan and Rassel Pratomo, Akseleran is a peer-to-peer lending platform that connects SMEs with lenders. Akseleran provides capital access with competitive rates and flexibility in loan tenors, payment models, and collateral participation. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


The first crowdfunding music platform in Indonesia, Kolase was established by Dwi Santoso and Raden Maulana. They can be reached on Facebook and Twitter.


ALUDI offers advocacy, consultation, and supervision for the burgeoning crowdfunding ecosystem. It helps maintain and develop the industry by providing key services and information. Find them on LinkedIn and Facebook.


Founded by Giovanni Umboh, Heinrich Vincent, and Wahyu Sanjaya, Bizhare is actively participating in the crowdfunding, financial services, and FinTech sectors. They are present on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


Founded by Stevanus Iskandar Halim, CrowdDana is an equity crowdfunding platform that allows investors to invest in potential property investments with minimal capital. They can be found on LinkedIn.


Founded by Darul Syahdanul and Jezzie Setiawan, GandengTangan is a social collaboration platform which helps small business owners source capital from the public. They can be reached on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


Founded by Ady Putra and Andy Permana, HAHO aims to bridge talent and crew with projects, companies, and job casting or competitions in the entertainment sector. Check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


BursaREIT operates in the crowdfunding, finance, financial services, funding platform, and real estate investment sector. You can find them on Facebook.


Vestifarm is an agricultural crowdfunding platform that allows anyone to invest in agriculture. They can be found on LinkedIn and Twitter.

In conclusion, these Fintech companies represent an exciting bridge between traditional Indonesian society and a futuristic global economic landscape. By leveraging technology in creative ways, they increase access to financial services and various arenas of investment. The possibilities for growth are endless.

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