Hong Kong Island: Home to Transformative Cryptocurrency Fintech Innovators

In recent years, the island of Hong Kong has emerged as a prominent hub for cryptocurrency and fintech businesses. This is due to its favorable regulatory environment, proper infrastructure, and proximity to some of the world’s largest economies. This article highlights some of the leading companies in the crypto industry making their mark in Hong Kong.

These companies are continuously innovating and leveraging technology to transform the way we approach finance and transactions. Each has managed to carve out its own niche within this ever-changing and highly competitive industry.

There’s a wide range of companies, from cryptocurrency exchanges to blockchain technology providers. In this list, you’ll find enterprises that cater to consumers and businesses alike, focusing on everything from Bitcoin and Ethereum mining to financial services and software solutions.

BIT Mining

Founded by Zhaoxing Luo, BIT Mining stands as a leading cryptocurrency mining enterprise in Hong Kong, focusing on Bitcoin and Ethereum. It provides cryptocurrency mining machines, originally starting as an online sports lottery service provider.(LinkedIn)

Babel Finance

Babel Finance is a global leading cryptocurrency financial institution co-founded by Del Wang and Flex Yang. It provides professional crypto financial services such as crypto lending, crypto asset management, and crypto prime financing.


DTTD (pronounced “Dotted”), led by founders Bosco Lin and Christopher Cheung, is dedicated to making an NFT-social-wallet that’s mobile-first. Its goal is to simplify the NFT journey for its users.(LinkedIn)

Wombat Exchange

Wombat Exchange represents the next generation of multi-chain stableswap native to BNB Chain. The platform enables users to swap stablecoins at efficient exchange rates with minimal slippage and earn optimal yields on their assets.


FUSANG, helmed by founder Henry, Heng Li Chong, is the first fully-regulated platform in Asia. It enables individuals and institutional investors to get involved in the digital asset market in a secure, convenient, and compliant way.


Founded by Star Xu, OKEx is a widely recognized digital asset exchange that uses blockchain technology to offer advanced financial services to traders globally.(LinkedIn)

Lithium Finance

Lithium Finance, founded by David Lighton and Steve Derezinski, is a blockchain protocol that aims to price the unpriced through collective intelligence algorithms.(LinkedIn)


Launched by Adrian Lai, Drey Ng, and Oscar Yeung, Liquefy focuses on enabling innovative business models through blockchain technology and digitization. It allows the tokenization of various assets like private companies, public shares, and real estates.(LinkedIn)


Famed for its co-founder, Steven Seagal, Bitcoiin2Gen aims to make Bitcoin more accessible and appealing to the average person by addressing issues related to transaction speed, security, mining, and costs.(Facebook)


Founded by Tin Shing Lee, Only1 serves as the first NFT-powered social media on the scalable blockchain, Solana. Its goal is to cut out the middle-man in traditional social media and connect creators more directly with their followers.(Twitter)


Launched by Curtis Chiu and Jared Psigoda, BitGuild aims to revolutionize the global gaming industry by creating a decentralized platform for a new class of games that live on the blockchain.(LinkedIn)

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