Florianópolis Fintech Leaders: Revolutionising Brazil’s Financial Technology Landscape

The FinTech industry is at the forefront of innovation in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil. This article provides a glimpse into the revolutionary work being done by the leading companies in the field, transforming the landscape of financial services for a better, more efficient future. Florianópolis is steadily becoming a hub for financial technology, providing a conducive environment for these companies to revolutionize traditional banking and financial services approaches.

The companies profiled here, are not just changing the game in the field of financial technology, but also contributing to the city’s reputation as a FinTech hotspot. Whether it’s providing new banking solutions, enhanced risk management, or creating advanced predictive models, these firms are exploiting technology to redefine the norm in finance. The following is a brief on several such FinTech companies headquartered in Florianópolis.

All of the companies listed, offer unique solutions and are at different stages of their growth journeys. However, they share a common commitment to leveraging technology to innovate in the financial services industry. The solutions these companies provide are creating a ripple effect, influencing the FinTech industry beyond just Florianópolis.


Founded by Daniel Ferretti, Felipe Giroleti, Gustavo Hartmann, and Paulo Silva, Franq is a Fintech that aggregates 50 financial institutions in Brazil to distribute over 100 financial products and services.

Founded by Gustavo Di Giovanni Bernardo and Jhonata Emerick, is an online predictive modeling platform focused on credit, collection, and fraud.


O2OBOTS, started by Leonardo Rochadel, Silvia Helena Oliveira Barbosa, Thierry Jean, and Vitor Henckel, develops a powerful artificial intelligence platform to distribute financial services.


CashWay, founded by Felipe Santiago, operates in the banking, financial services, and FinTech industry with a focus on risk management.


Founded by Leonardo Borges, Akkwa works on financial duplicates, rural product notes, physical CPR, and credit instruments practiced by the sector.

Eyemobile Technologies

Eyemobile Technologies, founded by Diego Florentino and João Gustavo Pompeo da Cruz, specializes in optimizing processes to aid financial management.


SocialBlocks_, brainchild of Gustavo Figueroa, operates in the fields of Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, EdTech, and FinTech.


NavarraTech, cofounded by Eduardo Almeida and Rodrigo Gruber, specializes in variable income trading algorithms for the financial market.


Founded by Everton Marcelino Junior, Gabriel Coutinho de Amarante, and Laura Scalabrin Coutinho, Partnr is a firm specializing in exchange data analysis and distribution systems. influences the market by demonstrating how sustainability can bring success to the B2B business model.


Boletoflex, founded by Célio Augusto Ikeda, is a fintech specialized in digital payments, pioneering payment in installments through the bank slip and the PIX.

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