Exploring Vancouver’s Pioneers in the Bitcoin Industry: An In-depth Showcase

This article is designed to shed light on some of the key players in the Bitcoin industry based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. With the rapid evolution and innovation within the FinTech industry, various prominent companies are continually making significant contributions to this promising field. In this article, we will focus on some leading companies in the Bitcoin and Blockchain industry operating out of the vibrant tech hub – Vancouver. This list includes a brief introduction, the founders, industries of focus, and contact information.


WonderFi was founded by Ben Samaroo, Cong Ly, Dean Sutton, and Kartik Bajaj. The company serves as the gateway to the new financial system, driven by the vision of making Decentralised Finance (DeFi) easily accessible to everyone. More on WonderFi can be found on their LinkedIn and Twitter pages.


Neutronpay offers a platform designed for seamless transactions and risk-free acceptance of bitcoin lightning payments. They aim to simplify cryptocurrency payments for both businesses and consumers. Learn more about NeutronPay on their Linkedin and Twitter pages.


Founded by Przemyslaw Maliszewski and Wojtek Kaszycki, Mobilum strives to provide fiat infrastructure to the cryptocurrency industry. The service offers fiat-to-crypto conversion, facilitating easy integration for businesses such as exchanges, wallets, and brokers. Find more about Mobilum on their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


LUXXFOLIO is a growth-oriented firm focusing on asset monetization using blockchain technology. They provide a platform for exposure to real or digital Unique Identifiable Assets (UIAs) for the capital markets. Learn more on LUXXFOLIO’s Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

LQwD FinTech

Another brainchild of Dean Sutton, LQWD FinTech is a decentralized finance & fintech company that develops infrastructure to power Bitcoin’s scalability and payments. More on LQwD FinTech can be found on its LinkedIn page.

Interlapse Technologies

Interlapse’s allows a simple, secure way for individuals to buy and spend Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Discover more about Interlapse Technologies on their Twitter and LinkedIn pages.


Founded by Jesse Heaslip, Bex offers a SaaS solution for anyone who wants to own their Bitcoin Exchange. They handle all technical complexities and build relationships with partners to manage local banking, regulatory, and marketing concerns. More on Bex can be found on their Twitter page.

Vanbex Group

Led by Lisa Cheng, Vanbex Group is a professional services firm that specializes in digitizing currency and blockchain-based companies. Get more information about the Vanbex Group on their Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin pages.


Pioneered by Dominic Vogel and Michael Vogel, Netcoins has transformed any in-store device into a virtual Bitcoin ATM, eliminating the necessity of maintaining Bitcoin inventory. Follow Netcoins on their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Trustatom, founded by Dmytro Dvynyaninov and Yurii Rashkovskii, offers a range of services from identity and smart contract solutions to establishing credibility during due diligence. More details on Trustatom can be found on their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages.


Founded by Yannick Losbar, Kardiz offers a virtual VISA debit card to facilitate cryptocurrency transactions. You can visit their website for more information. Follow Kardiz on Twitter.

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