Exploring Top Miami-based Data Mining Innovators in the Fintech Sector

Renowned for its vibrant culture and stunning beaches, Miami, Florida, is also home to some of the most innovative data mining companies in the Fintech industry. These entities are leveraging advanced technologies to build robust solutions for various business sectors, from cryptocurrency to sales automation, and virtually everything in between. Here, we focus on nine exceptional Miami-based data mining entities that are driving strides in the Fintech sector.

These companies have carved a niche for themselves by offering unique and value-based solutions to clients. Irrespective of the industry, they are dishing out tools and resources that ensure improved profitability, productivity, and overall success in business. Let’s take a closer look at each of these companies:

However, note that the rankings are in no particular order, and the overview of each company highlights key company details, such as founders, the nature of business, location, and links to the respective company websites and social media platforms.

US Bitcoin Corp

Founders Asher Genoot and Mike Ho started US Bitcoin Corp with the vision of making data mining accessible. The company develops and maintains its data centers to secure the Bitcoin network. With low and no-carbon sources of energy, they are committed to offering sustainable mining services. You can connect with them via LinkedIn.


Hexact is a distinguished company in the artificial intelligence, data mining, and other IT-related spaces. Founders Armen Avak Avakian, Chris Closset, Stepan Aslanyan, and Tigran Bayburtsyan have built a distinguished suite of tools that businesses can leverage to stay a step ahead in the market. Reach out to Hexact on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.


Founded by Andrew Cordery, Handprint is at the forefront of developing mobile apps for location-based services. You can interact with them on Twitter and Facebook.


Signedeal, developed by Esteban Berenstein and Martha Bayter, is an innovative player in the negotiation automation space. The SaaS company automates high-volume micro-negotiations, making transactions more efficient. Follow Signedeal on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

White Peak Tech

White Peak Tech is an analytics and data mining company offering sophisticated solutions. The company details are somewhat snug, but you can find more about them on their LinkedIn page.

Hitch IMS, LLC

Founded by Eduardo Alvarez, Hitch IMS, LLC uses data and tech innovation to create memorable brand experiences. It works through consulting, data integration, and digital marketing, among others. Reach out to them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

International Reinsurance Managers

International Reinsurance Managers is a health care and data mining entity that offers risk management and training services. Learn more about them through their website. specializes in a variety of areas, including data mining, network security, and internet technologies. To find more about them, visit their LinkedIn profile or check out their official website.

In conclusion, these companies reflect Miami’s innovation and growth in the data mining sector. While some focus on blockchain and cryptocurrencies, others are inventing in sales automation, event management, and more, painting a vibrant picture of the city’s tech ecosystem.

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