Exploring Top Database Firms Headquartered in Poznan: A Feature

Poznan, located in the Wielkopolskie province of Poland, has seen a thriving uprising in the fintech industry in the recent years, with a large number of companies headed towards serving the database industry. These companies specialise in providing various data solutions to their clients, ranging from data acquisition to data integration. Let’s explore a set of such companies that have their headquarters situated in Poznan and are operating in the database management niche, actively contributing towards the fintech boom in Poland.

Transparent Data

Founded by Arkadiusz Hajduk, Transparent Data operates in the sphere of business development, compliance, information services, software management, and notably, database management. They focus on acquiring and integrating data about companies from over 100 jurisdictions and implementing complex software projects. Transparent Data amplifies businesses with digital transformation and risk management.
You can connect with them on their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages.


Summ-it, founded by Wojciech Wencel, provides consulting services in analytics, business development, cloud computing, and database management. Although details about their services are scarce, they can be reached on their website. Check out their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Started by Marcin Czechowski, BlendBerg delivers sophisticated B2B databases containing updated contacts, deviating by category, location, and the date of creation. BlendBerg has gained popularity due to their cutting-edge data services and is now the largest B2B data provider in Polish and Central and Eastern European markets. You can learn more about them through their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.


Gepol specialises in database management, geospatial data services and IT management. Unfortunately, more information about their operations and founders is yet to be disclosed. You can reach out to them on their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


ALTP plays a vital role in the construction and maintenance of database applications, customised according to the needs of the customers. Their website is available for more information.


Informatyka Bankowa POLSOFT (Ibpolsoft) has been in the IT market for over twenty years, providing services like software design, implementation, and maintenance. They specialise in creating multi-layered applications with distributed architecture using various cutting-edge technologies and serve various sectors including banking, financial, insurance, and public administration. Check out their Twitter and LinkedIn pages.

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