Exploring Stuttgart’s Pioneering Database Firms in Fintech Ecosystem

Stuttgart, the capital of southwest Germany’s Baden-Wurttemberg state, is known as a manufacturing hub. However, its dynamic economic landscape extends far beyond the production sector. The city is, among other things, a prominent nucleus for information technology and database-oriented businesses. In this article, we take a closer look at some of Stuttgart’s most innovative companies operating in this sector.

These dynamic enterprises provide an array of services, from cloud data services, training and marketing consulting to IT consulting, digital signatures, and analytics. Undeniably, they are an integral part of the city’s digital transformation landscape, leveraging the power of data to offer insightful and effective solutions.

Let’s glean more insights about these trailblazing companies and how they are making their mark in the industrial landscape of Stuttgart.


ALSOPRO, headquartered in Stuttgart, operates in the fields of Database, Information Technology, and Software. With no public information about their founders, ALSOPRO nonetheless continues to be a key player in the tech landscape.

StepOver International

StepOver International is renowned for its robust offerings in Cloud Data Services, Database, Digital Signage, and Software. Its potent bouquet of services includes electronic signature solutions, encrypted contracts, sign on smartphone or tablet, and much more. Follow them on Facebook or Linkedin for more updates.

Soname Solutions

Soname Solutions is a team of diverse experts in the fields of data analysis, ETL development, data integration and data reporting product development. They offer tailor-made solutions for various business needs. Further details can be found on their LinkedIn page.

Mercedes-Benz Connectivity Services

From the house of Mercedes-Benz, comes an innovative solution known as the Connectivity Services which operates in the automotive, database, and fleet management spaces. More updates about them can be found on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


ADP, based in Stuttgart, specializes in advertising, database consulting, and marketing. More information about the company’s services and offerings can be explored on their website.


As an IT services provider, innoLABvation serves the energy, automotive and construction industries with cutting-edge database applications and software solutions for sustainable business improvements.


InBetween operates in the database, internet, and publishing industries. Detailed information about the company can be found on their website.

INFORMA IT-Consulting GmbH

INFORMA IT-Consulting is prized for its competent delivery of content management solutions and development of customer-tailored platforms. They cater to the specific business needs of their clients with a rich array of offerings.

Data Design & Management

Data Design & Management, spearheaded by Dr Jan Golka, stands tall in the fields of Consulting, Database, IT, mobile apps, software and software engineering. Learn more about them on their LinkedIn page.


Yourdata, founded by Jorg Vogler, is an acclaimed name in data integration, CRM, Database, and IT Infrastructure. Follow them on LinkedIn for the latest news and updates.

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