Exploring Rotterdam’s Pioneering Impact on the Dutch FinTech Landscape


Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands, is a burgeoning hive of innovation, particularly in the field of FinTech. The city is host to a diverse range of startups that leverage technology to revolutionise the financial services landscape, offering solutions in crowdfunding, mobile payments, equipment leasing, and more. These innovative companies are redefining the sector with their groundbreaking offerings. Here, we will focus the spotlight on some of the most interesting FinTech companies that have set up shop in Rotterdam.

The companies chosen for our list are making waves in the industry, challenging the status quo, and offering novel solutions. These firms cover a broad array of sectors including crowdfunding, finance, banking, personal finance, artificial intelligence, and even cryptocurrencies.

Whether you are a potential investor, a professional in the finance industry, or simply a tech enthusiast, keep reading to find out more about some of the most exciting FinTech startups in Rotterdam.


Lendahand is an impactful online investing platform that is using crowdfunding to combat poverty worldwide. It allows investors to have a concrete social and sustainable impact while also earning profits. The company was founded by Koen The, Peter Heijen, Peter Stolze.


Established in 2015, Beequip is an independent lease company that helps organisations grow by financing their used and new equipment. The company’s founders, Giel Claes, Joris Linders, Peter Loef, have apparently found the recipe for success, as Beequip has already financed more than €2 billion worth of equipment for over 3,000 SMEs.


Monyq is a mobile application that allows users to categorise and keep track of their personal finances. It offers smart tools that transforms personal finance management into an efficient and stress-free task.

Buddy Payment

Buddy Payment is debt prevention app that assists users manage and pay their bills. Launched in 2018, Buddy Payment’s founders, Camiel Kuiper, Marco van Etten, and Ralph Oudshoorn have created a tool to simplify debt management.


Paynote was created by Joshua van Londen to provide insight into individual’s financial situation. It values transparency and honesty, giving a clear and accurate financial analysis. is a cryptocurrency trading service founded by Sven Gooshouwer. The company offers wallets for storing coins and provides a platform for quick transactions within their system.


HaasOnline, founded by Stephan De Haas, is dedicated to providing the most advanced and powerful cryptocurrency trading software to their customers.


Bondify is facilitating corporate lending by making the process easy, efficient and transparent. This company accelerates the origination process of complex loan and bond transactions.

VI Company

VI Company was founded by Kees de Koning and Tim Oskam. The company takes pleasure in helping financial institutions maintain their edge in the digital age by providing sophisticated websites and applications.


Arno Vis founded Procys, an AI-powered invoice processing software that helps teams save time and money.


Ease2Pay is a payment & loyalty transaction platform. Founded by Gijs van Lookeren Campagne and Jan Borghuis, the platform offers a groundbreaking solution in the market for payments.


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