Exploring Rome’s Thriving Blockchain Innovators in the Fintech Ecosystem

The city of Rome, the capital of Italy and the Lazio region, is home to a vibrant fintech sector. Several FinTech firms are leveraging blockchain technology to provide innovative solutions. This article focuses on blockchain companies based in Rome, Lazio, as part of our series on global blockchain industry players.

We’ll dive deep into each company, offering a brief description, their industry focus, their founders (where available), and their online presence. These firms are leading the way in fields such as cryptocurrency, software development, gaming, IoT, compliance, AI, and Big Data, showcasing the breadth of Rome’s fintech landscape.

So without further ado, let’s explore these fascinating companies bringing their unique Italian flair to the global blockchain and fintech scene.


Started in Rome, Lazio, Italy, Vertigo is driving innovation in the fintech world with its advanced platform. The company’s offerings include Vertigo Autopilot and Vertigo Index, helping people invest in crypto assets and navigate its volatility. The company’s official LinkedIn page can be visited here.


Playerself is a Rome-based company specializing in various fields such as blockchain, gaming, and IT. They stand out in the ever-growing industry of video game entertainment, content creation and NFT ecosystem services. Visit their official LinkedIn page here.


Apprendo, based in Rome, is a software and application development company that focuses on 3D design, game development, blockchain technology, and mobile apps. Learn more about Apprendo on their official LinkedIn page here.


Deply provides solutions to individual supply chain issues, generating QR codes to share product stories, and optimizes waste management. Considered an essential player in the Blockchain, Internet of Things, and Software industry in Rome, you can learn more about Deply on their LinkedIn page here.


An important player in the Blockchain and Compliance sector, Pepeeta utilizes open protocols to integrate diverse data sources, simplifying protocol complexities for application development. Find more about Pepeeta on their official LinkedIn page here.


Enterprise is an AI, Big Data, Blockchain, and IT company based in Rome. Their Facebook and LinkedIn pages can be found here and here respectively.


Rome-based IET offers software development for enterprise-level companies and startups, working with a range of cutting-edge tech such as AI, IoT, Blockchain, and more. Visit IET’s LinkedIn page here.


Smartlabs, based in Rome, drives innovation in the fields of big data, business intelligence, IoT, and blockchain to enrich their customer’s growth. Discover more about Smartlabs on their LinkedIn page here.


GoBiz is a digital management platform rooted in Rome, Lazio, Italy. They incorporate technologies like Blockchain and AI to stimulate B2B trade among micro, small, and medium-sized businesses. More about GoBiz’s works can be found on their LinkedIn page here.


Based in Rome, Stonize is a synergistic blend of blockchain and digital marketing that assists in streamlining and cost-effective securitizations. Visit Stonize’s linkedIn page here.

PA Team Research

PA Team Research, based in Rome, believes in the future of citizen-government dialogue facilitated by blockchain technology. The team is leading in public management and blockchain deployment.

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