Exploring Provo’s Impactful Blockchain Innovators in the Fintech Landscape

Provo, Utah, a city known for its spectacular mountain views and emphasis on family values, has, in recent times, become home to several pioneering companies in the Blockchain industry. From revolutionizing the music scene with NFTs to enhancing the payment processes with EMV and Blockchain, these trailblazing companies rooted in Provo are making strides in the world of Fintech. Here, we highlight some companies operating in this industry, helping to amplify the prominence of the Blockchain sector.

The non-exhaustive list consists of companies from diverse fields such as Financing & Payment processing, Cryptocurrency, Music, Identity Management, Software development, Accounting, and Association. We delve into what their innovative platforms have to offer consumers, their core team, and links to their essential social media platforms. This wide diversification points to the vibrant and dynamic future of blockchain, firmly rooted in this resplendent city.

Not only are these companies bringing advancements in Fintech, but the inflow of capital, human resources, and the subsequent economic development that this industry brings to Provo are equally important. So let’s explore the companies making their mark from this city:


Founded by Jeffrey Payne and Jonathan Decker, BlockChyp is revolutionizing contactless payments with its blockchain custom-built for merchant processing. With BlockChyp, developers can now seamlessly integrate chip card payments alongside traditional keyed and magstripe transactions. The quest for a secure and efficient payments platform is one step closer thanks to this fintech disruptor. Follow them on social channels: @BlockChyp, Facebook, LinkedIn.


Taking the music industry by storm are founders, Jeff Burningham and Rory Felton, with their company, HitPiece. By integrating NFTs and exclusive real-world and metaverse experiences, HitPiece is building a bridge between music creators and fans. Stay updated with their journey on Twitter as @joinhitpiece, on Facebook and LinkedIn.


BlockBox, created by Ben Parker and Eric Engebretsen, is a fintech company focusing on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency. Follow them on Twitter as @Blockboxapp and get to know them on LinkedIn.

Sovrin Foundation

The Sovrin Foundation, established by Phil Windley and Timothy Ruff, is a non-profit organization aiming to redefine Identity Management. They aspire to create a new standard for individual identity through their open-source decentralized network system. Connect with the Sovrin Foundation on Twitter @sovrinid and LinkedIn.

Pyrofex Corporation

With Founders Michael Stay and Nash Foster at the helm, Pyrofex Corporation is shaping the future of blockchain platforms and decentralized applications. The objective is to make large-scale distributed computing easier and more accessible. Catch up with Pyrofex on Twitter as @Pyrofex, Facebook or LinkedIn.


Corey Blaser and Seth Wilks founded ProfitStance, providing unique solutions with regards to cryptocurrency, blockchain, and finance. They offer comprehensive services in personal finance, cryptocurrency mining, and blockchain. Stay connected with them on Twitter as @profitstance, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

These companies and the founders leading them are a testament to Provo’s growing prowess in Fintech and Blockchain. With creative applications and unique approaches, these Provo-based companies are turning heads and shaping the future of Blockchain, leading us to an era of decentralized and secure technology.

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