Exploring Pasig: Spotlight on Pioneering FinTech Firms in Rizal, Philippines

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, the FinTech industry has proven to be a major player. From providing innovative payment solutions to revolutionizing traditional banking systems, numerous FinTech companies have been making significant contributions to the financial services industry. In this article, we highlight companies leading the FinTech revolution in Pasig, Rizal, Philippines.

These companies have found a home in Pasig, recognized for its vibrant economy and strategic location. Headquarters to various industries, Pasig presents an ideal environment for FinTech companies, fostering innovation, growth, and competitive advantage. This article showcases these remarkable companies and their contributions to the financial technology space.

Let us delve into the profiles of these remarkable companies that are shaping the financial landscape not just in Pasig but globally, utilizing cutting-edge technology to bring efficient, reliable and seamless financial services to consumers.

Founded by Ron Hose and Runar Petursson in 2014, is a platform offering direct access to banking and digital payment services using mobile devices and blockchain technology. Providing a range of services from bill payments, local and international remittances to game credits and online shopping, simplifies money transfers through its mobile wallet, empowering customers and small businesses.

UnionBank of the Philippines

A bank that has distinguished itself for its superior technology and unique branch sales and service culture is the UnionBank of the Philippines. The bank offers real-time business solutions catering to customers’ diverse needs through its innovative and customized cash management products and services.


Founded by Marvin Dela Cruz, SquidPay is an e-payments platform that provides a stored value card and mobile application catering to electronic payments and collections. The platform offers users discounts and rebates on commuting, bill payments, and purchasing goods and services.


Founded by Mikko Perez, Ayannah provides digital financial services to the emerging, often unbanked, middle class. The digital financial services from payments, commerce, and analytics on the social and mobile web have enabled millions of transactions for the company’s growing customer base.

Xpensio Corp.

Xpensio Corp., founded by Dominick Nowell Danao, Don Jerick Coneras, Jon Raphael Danao, and Vanessa Liwanag, allows businesses to control payment card creation, spending rules, and funds disbursements through their own apps and APIs.

GoTyme Bank

Fintech start-up GoTyme Bank was established by Jojo Malolos. Further details about the company and its services remain undisclosed.

Snapcash Lending

Snapcash lending is a Fintech company that provides transparent services and products to the micro-lending market. The startup was established in 2019 and is focused on providing access to credit for every customer, regardless of circumstances.

UBX Philippines

Founded by John Januszczak, UBX Philippines is a Fintech company that operates in the Financial Services, Fintech, and Information Technology sectors. Specific details about the services offered by this company remain undisclosed.

Online Loans Pilipinas Financing

Another Fintech company operating in the Banking, Financial Services, Fintech, and Online Portals sectors is Online Loans Pilipinas Financing. Specific details about the services offered by this company remain undisclosed.


Founded by JP Tamayo, JustPayto is a technology company providing digital payments and money transfers. JustPayto provides a fully integrated payment platform for both traditional cash-based and digital cash-less transactions. The company’s offerings create a frictionless ecosystem between banks, financial institutions, and e-wallets.


PaySwitch is a user-friendly point-of-sale platform that accepts payments for in-store value-added services. This includes electronic load, gaming pins, bills payments, e-tickets, hotel vouchers, mobile money transactions, and more. The company envisions to be the preferred financial services and technology solutions platform in traditionally underserved markets worldwide.

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