Exploring Moscow’s Leading Data Center Companies in Fintech Industry

The digital sphere is a vibrant and rapidly evolving field and a significant percentage of that evolution is happening within the data center industry. The case is no different in Moscow city, Russia where a variety of companies are significantly contributing to the data center industry. Let’s delve into some of these companies and learn more about them.

These companies span various verticals within the data center industry, with specific focus in areas such as cloud infrastructure, telecommunication, virtualization and many others. With their bespoke solutions, they are able to meet the individual requirements of clients, further driving the growth of the industry.

In an industry where business is often defined by the speed and stability of the services offered, these companies are leading the charge, offering cutting-edge solutions and services. From co-location to virtualization, cloud services to telecom solutions, these companies are redefining what is possible within the data center industry.


Formed by Guy Willner and J. Clifford Gauntlett, IXcellerate is a carrier neutral data center offering pure-play co-location. It is committed to meeting the standards of financial institutions, MNCs, International carriers and major content operators. For more details, you can follow IXcellerate on LinkedIn and Twitter.


Safedata, a group created based on SAFEDATA LLC operates with its own data center network. The company offers services ranging from colocation and maintenance services to IT resources leasing and data storage. Stay updated by following Safedata on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.


An industry leader in cloud infrastructure, data center, and virtualization solutions, SBCloud is taking enormous strides in the Moscow data center industry. Connect with them on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Angara Technologies Group, LLC

Angara Technologies Group, LLC is at the forefront of database, information technology, and web development which makes them not only critical but also indispensable in the Moscow data center scene. Learn more on their LinkedIn page.


Filanco is a reputable company that operates within the data center industry providing solutions that cut across Domain Registrar, Telecommunications, and Web Hosting. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


ProCloud is an established player in the data center industry with a focus on the cloud computing, data storage, and internet sectors. Stay connected with the latest from ProCloud by following them on Facebook.


Founded by Alexander Chernykh and Maxim Schlegel, AKC24 is providing an outsource data center solutions, thus making them an important entity in the Moscow data center industry.


Formed by Evgeny Gorokhov, M1Cloud has carved a niche as a professionally designed platform dedicated to offering revolutionary cloud services.


Trinity is a leading player specializing in hardware, IT infrastructure, outsourcing, and software solutions. Connect with Trinity on Facebook, Twitter and


Datapro is amongst the trailblazers in the industry offering cloud data services, cloud management, data center, and software solutions. Learn more on their LinkedIn page.


Last but not least, RuBackup is offering groundbreaking solutions in the business intelligence and software sector of the data center industry. Stay connected with them on their LinkedIn page.

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