Exploring Mexico City’s Leading Debit Card Innovators in the Fintech Sector

While the global fintech industry continues to revolutionize various financial services, in Mexico, a host of homegrown firms have focused their attention on the Debit Cards industry. These firms based in Mexico City, Distrito Federal, are upping the ante with innovative debit card services that offer a blend of convenience and financial security to the users. In this feature, we’ve cherry-picked some of these valuable innovators and disruptive game-changers.

The landscape of the debit card industry is rapidly changing, fueled by the increasing demand for innovative and more efficient banking services, and these companies have stepped up to fill this need. They are redefining the ecosystem with their cutting-edge technology platforms and a unique approach to providing debit card services.

Join us as we uncover these exciting companies, their industry focus, and some key facts about their operation. Sit back, relax, and soak in all these fantastic details about the movers and shakers that are transforming the Debit Cards industry in Mexico City.


Founded by Gus Alvarez Moreno, Norman Muller, and Rene Serrano, Fondeadora is revolutionizing the banking industry by eliminating traditional inefficiencies. With its digital banking services, customers can easily access a free debit card that synchronizes with a powerful app for seamless management of savings and expenses. In 2018, Fondeadora started in the heart of Mexico City, offering a mobile app and an international MasterCard debit card to simplify payments, storage, and money transfers for its users. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for more updates.


Mozper, founded by Gabriel Roizner, Pablo Klestorny, and Yael Israeli, is a debit card service that aims to educate kids about finances in the digital era. The card is paired with a user-friendly app that allows parents to oversee their children’s spending, set rules, assign chores, and track savings goals. Apart from providing early financial education, Mozper envisions itself as the primary bank for Latin American families as they grow. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


With founders Daniel Autrique, Gianluigi Davassi, Jeronimo Riefkohl, and Stefan Moller at the helm, Klar is an innovative banking service that offers deposit and instant credit services that are free of commission. Klar’s customers can enjoy these services via a bank card or a mobile application, providing a convenient and secure alternative to traditional banking platforms. Check out their profiles on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to know more.


Founded by Alfonso Peinado and Jacques Lebois, Affipay is another innovative entity that is setting new standards in debit card and mobile payment services. Get more updates from them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Dedicating their financial and payment services for SMBs to promote economic and social growth, Metafinancial is a key player in Mexico’s debit card industry. They specialize in creating digital solutions for granting credit and facilitating payments. Stay up-to-date with their latest news via their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn profiles.


Founded by Lucio A. Arreola, CellPay offers digital financial solutions to customers who are underserved by the traditional Banking System. Their services range from payroll loans, credit cards, retail consumer lending, to debit products. Find them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Dedapay is making significant strides in the debit card, financial services, and payment industries. Learn more about this company through their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn profiles.

Mis Metricas

Alan Alvarado and Miguel Alvarado are the brains behind Mis Metricas, a leading debit card service provider in Mexico City. They house card issuing programs under the license of MasterCard and Visa, providing an array of benefits like insurance and a network with discounts for their cardholders. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn for more.

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