Exploring Los Altos’ FinTech Innovations: Unveiling Key California Industry Leaders

FinTech Companies in Los Altos, California

In the vibrant landscape of fintech companies, Los Altos, California, stands out as an active node. The town breeds innovation through its nurturing environment, unique resources, and advanced development opportunities. The headquarters of many notable fintech organizations lay in Los Altos, thus contributing to the town’s reputation as a fintech hub.

The integration of finance and technology has paved the way for fresher ideas and more sophisticated solutions. The fintech industry offers services that were previously unthinkable, all the while improving existing ones. Below, we introduce you to some fintech companies that have found a home in Los Altos, California. Each company has made significant strides in the domain and shows promising potential for innovations.

The companies cater to an impressive array of sectors, ranging from financial advice to risk management, money lending to venture capital investment. These entities are directing the course of the global financial sector with cutting-edge tools and services. So, without further ado, let’s delve into the fascinating profiles of these companies.


Sanctuary, founded by Phillip Abbao, is a groundbreaking startup that melds everyday activities with innovative technology. They aim to disrupt the traditional information technology framework to make lives simpler and more convenient.


Jemstep, with Kevin Cimring, Matthew Rennie, and Michael Blumenthal at the helm, is revolutionizing the manner in which investment advisors conduct their business. Their automated client engagement and service platform, Jemstep Advisor Pro, provides advisors with robust client engagement tools, thereby enhancing their value proposition.


Trooly, co-founded by Anish Das Sarma, Nilesh Dalvi, and Savi Baveja, is an Instant Trust service that offers a comprehensive evaluation of potential rewards and risks in modern commerce. Their machine learning technology synthesizes digital footprints in real-time, providing an insight that surpasses traditional background checks, credit scores, and risk management tools.

Element Zero Network

Element Zero Network, led by Yoda (Jude) Regev, is an algorithmic stablecoin creation platform that empowers businesses, organizations, and even governments to create their own stablecoin. Their unique stability methodology completely eliminates volatility, thus protecting against long-term inflation.


Pave, Press founded by Ema Rouf and Raymond Rouf, offers AI infrastructure that simplifies and cuts costs for consumer lenders who are building cashflow underwriting models. Their technology provides an array of predictions about a borrower’s financial health, enabling credit risk teams to optimize loan pricing.

R-Squared Ventures

Founded by Roy Erez and Roy Rubin, R-Squared is an angel fund that has invested in over two dozen startups. With their passion for supporting the companies and the founders they back, R-Squared focuses on a range of industries including fintech, SaaS and digital commerce.

Foothill Ventures

Foothill Ventures, founded by Michael Jin, is a technology-focused venture fund that invests in seed-to-A-round startups in the United States. Founded in 2017, it is a successor fund to the TEEC Angel Fund.


TSVC, with Chun Xia and Eugene Zhang as its founders, is a venture capital firm that focuses on early-stage deep tech startups. The firm invests in forward-thinking ideas and cutting-edge deep technologies, aiming to provide crucial funding and value to budding entrepreneurs.


Founded by James Gowers and Jen Nee Tang, Matcha is a fintech firm operating in the popular fintech segment. The organization offers innovative solutions in the domains of accounting, information technology, internet, mobile and software.


Founded by Eric Quick, PocketCFO is a fintech company serving the financial services, service industry and software sector. Their offerings are directed towards helping businesses achieve greater financial insight and management.

BVA / Brown Venture Associates

Founded by Jeff Brown, BVA uniquely combines venture capital, advisory services, team building, and innovation technology to assist ambitious people in building phenomenal companies. Over the years, it has invested in more than 50 companies and has completed over 200 C-level searches.

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