Exploring Leading FinTech Innovators Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, with its booming tech scene and a thriving financial services sector, has become a hotbed of FinTech innovation. In this article, we highlight a wide range of companies operating in the FinTech sector, whose headquarters are located in the city. These organizations are taking the lead in driving advancements in finance, transforming the industry with groundbreaking innovations that range from payment platforms to cryptocurrency services.

These companies are not only shaping the future of the financial industry but are also making significant contributions to Atlanta’s prominence as a major hub for tech-oriented companies. Below, we bring you a detailed overview of these companies. We take a closer look at their operations, founders, and contributions to Atlanta’s Fintech ecosystem.

So, without further ado, let’s delve deeper into who these FinTech trendsetters are, their unique features, and how they are making strides in the world of Finance and Technology.


NCR Corporation, founded by John Henry Patterson, is a tech multinational that provides businesses with products and services such as ATMs, enabling them to connect, interact, and transact with their customers. NCR operates in various industries including financial services, retail, hospitality, travel and gaming. The company was founded in 1884 and its headquarters are in Atlanta, GA. Connect with NCR on LinkedIn.


Founded by Johnson Cook and Timothy Sheehan, Greenlight is a debit card and money app that provides a comprehensive money management platform for families. The app helps parents set flexible controls, manage chores, automate allowances, and even invest their kids’ futures. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn to stay updated.

Yellow Card

Yellow Card, co-founded by Chris Maurice and Justin Poiroux, is a FinTech company offering an app-based cryptocurrency exchange platform. This platform allows for the easy buying and selling of bitcoin online. Visit their Facebook page or LinkedIn for more information about Yellow Card.


Founded by Anthony Gallippi and Stephen Pair in 2011, BitPay provides businesses and organizations with enterprise-grade bitcoin payment solutions. The Atlanta-based company also offers its users Copay, a secure bitcoin wallet solution. Stay in touch with BitPay on Facebook and LinkedIn to stay updated.


GreenSky, founded by David Zalik, is a finance technology company that assists businesses with paperless financial services. The platform has aided more than 1.7 million customers and provided over 12 billion loans. More information about GreenSky is available on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Relay Payments

Co-founded by Ryan Droege and Spencer Barkoff, Relay Payments provides an electronic payment network for the transportation, logistics, and supply chain industries. The company is known for creating value by facilitating instant, direct payments. Visit their LinkedIn to know more about their offerings.


Bluefin, co-founded by John Perry and Ruston Miles, is the leader in encryption and tokenization technologies for payment and data security. The company partners with over 135 processors, gateways, and ISVs operating in 36 countries. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn to stay updated.


Co-founded by Brian Dally and Nick Bhargava, GROUNDFLOOR is a crowdsourced real estate investing and lending platform. The company was the first to offer direct real estate debt investments via Regulation A for non-accredited and accredited investors. For more info, check out their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Founded by Benny Silberstein and Boruch Greenberg, Payrix is a passionate team of payments and software experts that provide an all-in-one platform for embedded payment opportunities. You can get to know more about Payrix on their LinkedIn.

Atlantic Capital Bank

Founded by Kurt Shreiner, Atlantic Capital Bank serves middle-market companies, real estate developers, and private banking clients. The bank shares a mix of the expertise and capabilities typically found in larger financial institutions and the hands-on service often found at smaller banks. Stay in the loop by following them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by Jesse Burgess, OnPay offers an easy and fast payroll service for small businesses and accountants. The software caters to nonprofits, ag businesses, restaurants, and religious organizations among others. Stay updated with OnPay by following them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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