Exploring Jakarta’s Innovative Leaders in Indonesian Fintech Sector


Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, is emerging as a hub for fintech startups that are revolutionizing the traditional financial services landscape. In this series of articles, we shall shine a spotlight on these trailblazing firms that are pioneering new solutions within the fintech industry.

The city’s startup scene has been vibrant and diverse, with young entrepreneurs leveraging technology to solve key financial issues. This includes enhancing access to financial services, providing alternative lending options, streamlining digital payments, and creating robust software solutions.

This article specifically focuses on those fintech companies headquartered in Jakarta, illustrating the depth and variety present in the city’s fintech scene. Let’s explore each one of them below:


Founded in 2016, Brankas is a financial technology company that provides software and solutions for large-scaling payment, transaction, and cash management systems. Its innovative digital platform allows banks and financial companies to roll out digital products and embrace online services, making financial transactions seamless and secure. Find them on their social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. is a fintech that offers a comprehensive business solution for small and medium enterprises. Their platform simplifies invoicing, accounting and inventory management, replacing manual methods with digital counterparts. Visit their Facebook and LinkedIn for more information.


Aimed at providing credit solutions for the unbanked population, Taralite focuses on lending money to those who have limited access to financial institutions. Find them on social media at their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn page.

PT Wallezz Finansial Teknologi

PT Wallezz Finansial Teknologi is committed to accelerating digital payment in Indonesia. Besides offering digital payment solutions, they work with local governments to develop smart cities. For more info, you can follow their Twitter and LinkedIn page.

Fast Rupiah

Fast Rupiah offers financial services, visit their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Netzme Kreasi Indonesia, PT

Built to extend prosperity to the unbanked across Indonesia, Netzme is a mobile payment solution company that is poised to change the way Indonesians do business. For more updates, you can follow their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages.


Indodana is a fintech company offering commercial lending and financial services. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


KlikACC‘s platform enhances transaction transparency for borrowers and investors. It allows users to easily access transaction reports, making the credit application process more transparent. Connect with them on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


With a mission to make financial information more accessible and useful, Cermati leverages technology to help people make smart financial decisions. Visit their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn page to learn more.


Pinhome is a fintech company making property transactions and home financing more accessible through digitised solutions. Connect with them on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

DANA Wallet Indonesia

DANA Wallet aims to be a digital payment solution for everyday transactions and acts as a bridge for financial inclusion. Stay updated on their latest works through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


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