Exploring Innovations: Top Fintech Companies Headquartered in Mexico City

Mexico City, the capital and most populous city of Mexico, has been a hotbed of fintech innovation and growth. This metropolitan haven is the headquarters to some of the most influential companies in Fintech worldwide. The technology and products developed by these companies provide a snapshot of a rapidly evolving industry. All industries have unique ideas about the intersection of finance and technology, and Mexico City offers a vibrant backdrop for their operations. These firms meaningfully contribute to solving everyday problems and contribute to the send of inclusive financial services.

From mobile payments to digital banking services, commercial lending, and cryptocurrency exchanges, these companies span the full financial services spectrum. This article uncovers information regarding some of these firms headquartered in Mexico City. The companies are changing the face of fintech, bringing unconventional yet highly effective ways to carry out financial transactions, which many sectors and individuals worldwide have adopted.

The list features a brief introduction and the level of service these companies offer. They represent a diverse range of sectors but share the common goal of leveraging tech advancements to optimize and improve financial services. Here are some companies paving the way for finance technology in Mexico City.


albo is the leading Mexican challenger bank based in Mexico City, primarily focusing on Banking, FinTech, and Mobile Apps. Founded by Angel Sahagun, albo provides an impressive array of services through its mobile banking app, banking account, and Mastercard. It offers personalized financial tools and services tailored to accommodate consumers’ different financial needs. This revolutionary service is available via the company’s website,, as well as their social media platforms on @albomx, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Covalto, previously Credijusto, is a cutting-edge company in Mexico City, concentrating on Banking, Commercial Lending, Credit, Credit Cards, Finance, Financial Services, FinTech, and Small and Medium Businesses. The company’s founders, Allan Apoj and David Poritz, have developed an inclusive solution for SMEs that combines a multi-product credit offering, business analytics tools, and banking services. Remarkably, in 2021, Covalto became the first Fintech in Mexico to acquire a regulated bank. You can learn more about Covalto on their Facebook page, their website or follow them on @covalto.


Founded by Eder Echeverria, Fernando Sandoval, and René Saul, Kapital is a technology-banking platform that gives small and medium-sized businesses visibility and control over their treasury operations. The company, focused on Asset Management, Financial Services, FinTech, Mobile Payments, and Wealth Management, is located in Mexico City. The company’s services can be accessed through their website,, and their social media platforms on @KapitalMexico, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by Kyle Miller and Stephen Hebson, Nelo develops a mobile application for financial transactions. The fintech company, located in Mexico City, majors in Finance, Financial Services, FinTech, Information Technology, Mobile Apps, and Mobile Payments. You can access its services through the website, and on Twitter at @nelo_mex, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by Arpit Gupta, Naveen Sharma, and Vikram Deswal, UnDosTres is altering Mexico’s payment landscape. The fintech company enables Mexicans to pay for anything with just a tap on their mobile devices. The company, located in Mexico City, stays connected with its audience via their website, Twitter handle @undostres_mx, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Conekta, located in Mexico City, is a fintech company that combines artificial intelligence with an API to streamline online and offline payments. Founded by Cristina Randall, Hector Cardenas, and Leo Fischer, the company specializes in Developer APIs, Enterprise Software, FinTech, Payments, and Search Engines. More information about Conekta can be found on their website at, and on Twitter at @conekta_mx, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by Gus Alvarez Moreno, Norman Muller, and Rene Serrano, Fondeadora disrupts traditional banking systems with its digital banking services. The fintech company offers a MasterCard debit card-linked mobile app that allows for straightforward payment and money saving. Details about the Mexico City-based firm can be found on its website at and its social media accounts at @Fondeadora, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Bitso, founded by Ben Peters, Daniel Vogel, and Pablo Gonzalez, is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows users to buy and sell a variety of cryptocurrencies. They are located in Mexico City and specialize in Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Financial Exchanges, and FinTech. More about the company can be found on their website at, on Twitter at @bitso, on Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Arrenda is a fintech company that offers real estate financial products and property management solutions. Founded by Joe Merullo, Arrenda capitalizes on Fintech, Property Management, and Real Estate to help landlords secure up to 12 months of rent payments through their digital platform. The company, established in 2022, is based in Mexico City. Details of the company can be found on its website at, and on Twitter at @arrenda_mx, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Founded by Fernando Ramos Gonzalez de Castilla, GBM, based in Mexico City, is an investment bank that promotes national and international investments. GBM provides services to large corporations, mid-cap companies, institutional investors, and Mexican and foreign individuals. For more information, visit their website at, or connect with them on Twitter at @GBMplus, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Founded by Conrad Wilkinson Schwarz, Luis Villarreal, and Roberto Salcedo, Baubap is a Fintech company that makes lending simpler and readily accessible. Providing a microlending financial platform, Baubap offers instant loans via its mobile application, simplifying the process for its users. Based in Mexico City, more about the company can be found on their website at, and on LinkedIn.

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