Exploring Hanoi’s Leaders in Cryptocurrency Innovation: Vietnam’s Fintech Frontier

With the burgeoning interest in the Cryptocurrency industry worldwide, it’s interesting to note the rising presence of fintech innovation in unlikely places. Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam, is slowly making its mark in the global Fintech scene, with several outstanding companies emerging to create practical solutions, shaking up conventional financial systems. What makes this so relevant in today’s financial landscape is the uncoventional cross-connections between varied sectors like gaming, travel, software, and asset management.

Combined with the government’s favorable view of blockchain technology, and a young, tech-savvy population, companies operating out of Hanoi are morphing into substantial contributors to the global Financial Technology landscape.
In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the innovative Cryptocurrency companies operating in Hanoi, examining their unique specialties and contributions to the world of digital finance.

Leveraging Blockchain technology solutions, these companies represent innovative adaptations of traditional financial services, establishing Hanoi as a fast-growing tech hub and a hotspot for pioneering crypto finance.

Summoners Arena

A distinctly innovative meld of classic gaming with blockchain technology, Summoners Arena delivers an idle-RPG blockchain-based game. This platform creates a space where players can truly experience ownership over their gaming assets and substantially earn crypto assets.




Established in 2022, Boost is a promising Solana-based platform, with an engaging concept of solving puzzles to win native cryptocurrencies. This gamification of earning certainly attracts a wide, engaged user base.




From the realms of cryptocurrency, information services, and news, Aliens is making its mark in the industry. With its focus on blockchain solutions, the company aims to revolutionize how information is transacted and accessed globally.




Monetrip, founded by Dennis Bui, stands at the junction of travel and currency. With its focus on discovery, shopping, booking, and payment of travel products, Monetrip’s promising blockchain ecosystem proves exciting for the travel industry.




Mytheria is a platform where art and finance converge. It is a create-to-earn NFT blockchain game that lets players display artworks or create their own characters by winning NFTs, and participate in the project governance process.




Bringing another dimension to finance and gaming, CryptoZeroFi allows players to design their own characters, hone skills, create value for characters, and earn income from playing games and the potential value of NFTs wrapped within the ecosystem.


Ascendent Assets

Founder Joshua Nguyen leads Ascendent Assets into the space where cryptocurrency and traditional asset management meets with pioneering blockchain solutions. Ascendent Assets is showing how blockchain can disrupt established industries.


Navara Network

With its standout offering of a non-custodial wallet, the Navara Wallet provides users with secure control over their keys, coins and NFTs. This approach, aimed to prevent phishing and scams, marks a significant offering in the world of Web3.





Addressing the weaknesses in traditional online payment systems, ClickGem is digitalizing the concept of cash. Accepting both Fiat and Crypto for online purchases, they are indeed shaking up the global financial services sector.




Nami Exchange

Another significant player in the Finance industry, Nami Exchange offers an intriguing platform for cryptocurrency trading on a global level. By facilitating trade and transactions, it is helping catalyze a global movement towards digitized financial exchange.



Moulding itself around the Fintech industry, TAGPESA is contributing to the vast world of cryptocurrency and finance with its innovative solutions and applications.




The advent of these companies is reshaping the world as we know it, demonstrating both the multifaceted uses and inherent flexibility of blockchain technology. These pioneers are blurring the line between technology and finance, bringing new opportunities to users, and placing Hanoi firmly in the eyes of the global fintech community.

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