Exploring Edinburgh’s Innovative FinTech Companies Breaking Boundaries in Finance


The FinTech industry is rapidly growing worldwide, and the city of Edinburgh in the United Kingdom is coming to prominence as a leading FinTech hub. This article will spotlight a number of innovative companies headquartered in Edinburgh that are making significant contributions to the FinTech industry, providing services ranging from online accounting to blockchain technology.

These companies are not only creating cutting-edge technology but are also contributing to the growing reputation of Edinburgh as a city fostering FinTech innovation. Despite the varying range of services on offer, all companies share a common trait: they are harnessing technology to bring convenience, transparency, and inclusivity to the financial sectors, and ultimately, empowering the consumers.

Each firm highlighted in this article offers a unique solution to a specific financial service need, illustrating the wide range of applications for FinTech. We take a closer look at each company below:


Launched by founder James Varga, DirectID is revolutionising the concept of credit scores by leveraging open banking data for optimising credit and risk decisions. The company aids decision-makers in making better-informed credit and risk assessments, and boasts more than 50 high-profile customers, including Deliveroo, Ford, EY, and Deloitte.Find them on Linkedin.


Co-founded by Ed Molyneux, Olly Headey, and Roan Lavery, FreeAgent is a cutting-edge online accounting service that has aided numerous freelancers and small businesses in stress-free financial management. Learn more on their Linkedin profile.

Money Dashboard

Founded by Gavin Littlejohn, Money Dashboard offers an online personal financial management service, allowing users to centralise all their financial accounts for easy and intuitive money management. Visit them on Linkedin here.


Established by Stuart Lunn, LendingCrowd is a leading FinTech lending platform using advanced technology to connect businesses with a community of lenders. Connect with them on Linkedin.

Par Equity

Par Equity, founded by Andrew Castell, Paul Atkinson, Paul Munn, and Robert Higginson, is a venture capital firm that supports high-growth technology companies in the north of the UK. Check out their Linkedin profile for more.

FinTech Scotland

Founded by Stephen Ingledew, FinTech Scotland aims to create a vibrant FinTech ecosystem through provisions of funding, support, infrastructure, and talent. Connect with them on Linkedin.


Established by John Maxwell Hobbs, and William Howell, Delic is a smart, fair, release management platform for musicians and labels, using blockchain technologies for efficient music catalogues handling. Find more about them on their Linkedin page.

PolyDigi Tech

Founded by Alexander Chow, Curtis Chan, and Yves Segovia, PolyDigi Tech earned recognition as one of the “Top Five Most Important Players in Scottish FinTech” after participating and winning the Gold Prize at the UK FinTech Awards in 2018. Learn more on their Linkedin page.

Visible Capital

Visible Capital, founded by Christian Burgin, Richard Braidwood, and Ross Laurie, offers a suite of wealth management products capitalising on PSD2 and Open Banking, to help financial advisors access their clients’ transactional data in real time. Check out their Linkedin profile for more.


Co-founders Andrew Pickett and Jude Cook created ShareIn, a platform that offers a direct investment solution, enabling businesses to focus on growth. Visit them on Linkedin.


Founded by Joe Sluys and Richard Balarkas, SquareBook is a socially responsible FinTech that promotes equitable access and transparency in IPO equity culture. Learn more on their Linkedin page.

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