Exploring Cincinnati’s Growing Influence in the FinTech Industry’s Landscape

The Cincinnati cityscape, known for its historical architecture glamor and the Ohio river gracefully curving around its edge, is now evolving to be the hub of innovative Fintech companies. Cincinnati, Ohio has been witnessing a booming startup ecosystem in the last few years with a particular growth in financial technology, or FinTech as it’s more commonly known. Each of these FinTech companies is striving to make a notable impact in their respective industries with cutting-edge solutions that engage and reduce friction for consumers.

This flourishing ecosystem constitutes a broad spectrum of startups spread across different sectors in the Fintech industry. The growing influence and power of FinTech in Cincinnati, Ohio could be a critical influence on how other United States and indeed global cities develop their financial technology sectors. The diversity of these Cincinnati companies falls well in line with the robust growth seen in the tech sector across the world.

Here is an insider look into a few of these Cincinnati-based Fintech companies that are revolutionizing different sectors with their inventive technology and vision. In presenting this valuable information, we hope to not only highlight their individual achievements but also the collective contribution they make to Cincinnati’s stature as a competitive player in the Fintech landscape.


In the midst of a diverse FinTech space, AKRU stands out with its unique blockchain-based commercial real estate investment platform. Co-founded by Mohsin Masud, AKRU allows investors with as little as $1,000 to have fractionalized ownership in commercial real estate. Their groundbreaking technology reduces the transaction frequency, making vast investment classes more accessible and liquid for investors. Keep up with their latest updates on their social media pages, Facebook and LinkedIn.

pay theory

Pay Theory, a platform created by founders Aron Price, Brad Hoeweler, Eric Fulkert, and Joe Miramonti, offers a unique solution in the child care and education sector. The platform empowers SaaS vendors to create an innovative revenue stream while ensuring families maintain access to crucial service providers. Be sure to follow Pay Theory on LinkedIn for recent developments.


Payload, a fintech platform founded by Ryan Rybolt, is solving the age-old problem of manual payment processes with automation. The developer-friendly platform minimizes card data exposure – a critical issue faced by businesses across various sectors. To follow Payload’s growth, visit their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


10XTS combines data science, software development, and advanced enterprise architecture to create novel platforms and products. Founded by John Bentley II, Michael Hiles, Robert Slater and Yogesh Kadiyala, the company is responsible for launching XDEX – a cloud platform to manage crypto assets. Keep abreast of 10XTS on their LinkedIn page.

Vairt Inc.

Vairt Inc., an innovative real estate token exchange platform led by founders Jamil Ahmed Sukhera and Sabeen Ahmed, allows users to sell or purchase a fractional ownership in properties using blockchain technology. Stay updated on Vairt’s developments on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Luma Financial Technologies

Luma, a multi-issue platform founded by Timothy J. Bonacci, leverages technology to aid banks, brokers, and dealers in gaining insights into the best purchasing options for clients. To learn more about Luma Financial Technologies and their growth, visit their LinkedIn page.

Navian Capital

Navian Capital, established by Timothy J. Bonacci, provides financial professionals with access to diverse investment opportunities. Incorporated in 2005, Navian continues to enable the implementation and development of investment solutions and annuities. Follow their progress on LinkedIn.

Yada Data Studios Inc

Yada Data Studios, co-founded by Jim Hewitt, Kaixia Zhang, and Patrick Feldman, makes use of sophisticated tools to help banks predict data-driven solutions which can foresee business opportunities and improve customer relations.


Wunderfund, the brainchild of Marvin Abrinica, has dramatically transformed the investment process via its equity crowdfunding portal, which allows anyone to invest for as little as $50. Connect with Wunderfund via their Facebook or LinkedIn pages.

Spurge Technologies

Co-founded by David Robinett and Devon Dulin, Spurge Technologies offers a unique platform for trade activity and provides liquidity to cryptocurrency markets. To learn more about their innovative low latency trading strategies, visit their LinkedIn page.


Last but not least, SoMoLend is a unique web-based technology created by Candace Klein. It allows small businesses to raise debt financing from friends, family, customers, and neighbors, bringing communities together to support each other. Check out SoMoLend on Facebook and LinkedIn

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