Exploring Chicago’s Vibrant Bitcoin Industry: Prominent Fintech Innovations

The Windy City hosts a myriad of innovative companies operating in the Bitcoin industry. Renowned for its robust economy and emphasis on technology, Chicago, Illinois is emerging as a hotspot for Fintechs that advocate for the disruption of traditional finance systems. As we ventured into discovering the start-ups in the heart of the Midwest, we learned about 12 companies that revolve around Bitcoin, introducing new ground-breaking solutions for global finance challenges.

These companies have their operations rooted in a variety of sectors including Mobile Payments, Cryptocurrency, Financial Services, Software and Blockchain among others. All seem to share a common objective – to embrace the Bitcoin potential and create powerful solutions for the global digital payment landscape.

Below, we delve into these 12 companies, providing an overview of their industry, founders, a brief description of their operations, and essential links to their online activities. Streamlining this process, the company names serve as URLs to their websites.


Founded by Jack Mallers, Strike offers an API for merchants to accept payments from customers globally. Advocating for open payment networks, Strike opens new doors for worldwide peer-to-peer payments software and neobanking experiences.


Created by Greg Tusar, Jennifer Campbell, Kevin Johnson, and Marc Bhargava, Tagomi serves as a cryptocurrency trading platform that links priced liquidity, low commissions, and maximized client return. By using advanced routing tactics and execution algorithms, it becomes easier for clients to reduce trading costs.

Zap Solutions

Founded by Jack Mallers, Zap enables users to purchase Bitcoin instantly via the Lightning Network.


Established by Jeff Garzik and Matthew Roszak, Bloq provides blockchain technology solutions for global enterprises. Based in Chicago, they extend their operations in Atlanta, Washington, DC and Shanghai.

Athena Bitcoin

Athena Bitcoin, formed by Brian Schwartz and Gilbert Valentine, operates a variety of cryptocurrency ATMs nationwide. The company offers Bitcoin trading services to customers, with the cryptocurrency being increasingly commercialized.


Fostered by Luke Hoersten and Matthew Wraith, Bitnomial is a marketplace that enables digital assets hedgers to connect with institutional traders.

Blockware Mining

Planted by Michael Stoltzner, Blockware Mining offers a diversified Bitcoin mining infrastructure to clients, including the use of the latest generation mining equipment.

DrawBridge Lending

Fostered by Jason Urban and Thomas Anderson, DrawBridge Lending offers Bitcoin-backed loans without margin calls. Operating as a CFTC regulated Commodity Trading Advisor and Commodity Pool Operator.


Founded by Donald R. Wilson, Cumberland provides the access capitalization on opportunities and ensures the crypto asset space continues to grow sustainably.

Delta Mining

Initiated by Whit Dhamer, Delta Mining provides Bitcoin mining and colocation services. Operating in Paraguay and Brazil, Delta Mining is rooted in green energy.

Canary Mining

Established by Jonathan D. Herpy Sr., Canary Mining focuses on building an industry-leading storage of Bitcoin miners.

These are the 12 Bitcoin companies currently operating in Chicago, Illinois, proving their role in the city’s blooming Fintech scene. Stay tuned for our next venture, exploring other industries and states.

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