Exploring Buenos Aires’ Innovations in Fintech Database Industry Sector

The Database industry in Buenos Aires, Distrito Federal, Argentina is a thriving hub, home to many fintech companies that have leveraged various aspects of Database technology to offer innovative solutions to the financial industry. These companies have adopted diverse approaches, specialising in various niches including Analytics, Database, Information Technology, UX Design, CRM, Sales, Technical Support and more. Read on to discover some of these companies making headway in the industry.

Contributing significantly to the global fintech movement, these companies are providing novel solutions for a variety of financial industry structures. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, they continually work on enhancing their services and product offering. They provide database solutions that have greatly improved processes and boosted overall performance in the industry.

Here, we provide a brief disclosure of these companies based in Buenos Aires which operate in the Database industry. Get familiar with their services, leadership, and their contribution to the ever-evolving fintech scene.

Quales Group

Quales Group is a prominent company in the database industry offering cutting-edge services in Analytics, Database, Information Technology, and UX Design. By leveraging advanced technology, the company helps businesses track, analyse and enhance their performance. Connect with them on their social media channels to stay up-to-date with their recent endeavours – LinkedIn, Facebook and @qualesgroup.


A leading player in the CRM, Database, Sales, and Technical Support sectors, Clienting provides comprehensive and customised solutions catering to their clients’ needs. Utilising the power of its interactive platform, Clienting enables businesses to improve customer relationships and grow sales. For more about their services, check their LinkedIn page.

Proof of Existence

Proof of Existence pioneers in offering online notary public services. It enables users to verify digital documents via the blockchain without any exposure of the content. The platform guarantees anonymity and privacy while providing irrefutable decentralized proofs. Follow Proof of Existence on Twitter.

Vault Consulting

Vault Consulting stands as a notable name in the Database consulting and IT sector. Offering a range of services, that are tailored to meet the varied needs of clients, Vault Consulting works to develop efficient IT solutions. Stay connected with them on their social channels – @vault_ar, Facebook and LinkedIn.


In the Database industry, KNACK impresses with their dedication to consulting and market research. They are committed to helping their clients make informed decisions with their data-driven tools and research. For more on their services, visit their LinkedIn and Facebook page.


Dondeloveo is a universal search engine that allows users to conveniently find where to watch movies and series legally in Latin America, Brazil and Spain. They provide B2C and B2B services, including Ad Placement, API access, Analytics Tools and more. Check out their social media channels for more information – @dondeloveo and Facebook.

In conclusion, these companies based in Buenos Aires are making significant contributions to the database industry and the fintech sector. Their innovative applications of Database technology have brought about significant enhancements in business operations and customer service.

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