Exploring Bristol’s Leading Blockchain Innovators in Fintech Industry

The blockchain industry in Bristol, City of, United Kingdom is thriving, and numerous companies operating in this sector are providing innovative solutions to complex problems across diverse fields. Whether it’s redefining travel rewards, re-building trust in digital identity, transforming contactless donations for charity, or even changing the telecommunications industry, these enterprises are utilizing blockchain technology in groundbreaking ways. This article highlights six dynamic companies based in Bristol that are worth watching in the blockchain industry.


Co-founded by Irfon Watkins, Krasina Mileva, and Arwen Smit, DOVU is making its name as a global travel rewards platform powered by cryptocurrency. The brand’s main focus is on creating a value exchange between users and global mobility providers. DOVU leverages connected devices and the rising popularity of cryptocurrency to deliver a new, global, instant value exchange in mobility. It offers a scalable way for mobility companies to build a stronger relationship with their customers through a globally-spendable crypto token reward system for data sharing and transitioning to smart mobility services.

Personal Privacy Solutions (Tapmydata)

Borne of a collaboration between Irfon Watkins, Krasina Mileva, Mark Panay, and Tom Holder, Personal Privacy Solutions offers cutting-edge tools via their brand, Tapmydata. The company is dedicated to helping individuals own their digital identity and organisations rebuild trust, using Privacy by Design principles and blockchain technology. You can follow their latest developments on their LinkedIn page.

Nym Technologies

Founded by Randolph Sesson, Nym Technologies is developing next-generation privacy infrastructure with the aid of artificial intelligence and machine learning. However, not much else is known about the company, suggesting they are truly committed to the privacy that they provide., established by Tim Hegarty, is an app that enables low-cost contactless payments and donations, particularly for the charity sector. In response to the Covid-induced shift away from cash towards QR code scanning, has developed a digital solution that lets users make contactless donations using their mobile banking apps. For the latest updates from, check out their Facebook page and LinkedIn page.

E-Tech Solutions

E-Tech Solutions is versed in a range of tech services, including UI, data analytics, IoT, blockchain, .Net, Java, open source, and mean stack development. They go beyond typical service offerings by also providing offshore development, devops, UI/UX design, IT, cloud operations, IoT solutions as well as mobile development and blockchain.

Telecoms Tech

Telecoms Tech provides industry news, commentary, and analysis, making it a central hub for the latest content about practical, strategic, and thought leadership in the tech industry. With ownership and management of two prominent LinkedIn industry discussion groups and well over half a million professionals consuming their content, Telecoms Tech makes a smart partner for integrated advertising campaigns. Stay updated with their posts on their Facebook page.

In conclusion, the blockchain industry in Bristol is a vibrant ecosystem of innovation, filled with companies that are leveraging this technology to create transformative solutions across various sectors. Indeed, these companies are not only contributing to the regional economy, but they are also positioning Bristol as a hub for blockchain innovation in the United Kingdom and beyond.

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