Exploring Blockchain Innovations from Yeoksamdong, Seoul’s Fintech Powerhouses

Yeoksamdong, Seoul-t’ukpyolsi, South Korea is home to a flourishing and diverse landscape of blockchain enterprises. These companies, operating in various industries from financial services to cyber security, are leveraging the potential of blockchain technology for innovative applications. With their unique visions and pioneering solutions, they are undoubtedly driving the future of blockchain worldwide.

This article presents an overview of some noteworthy companies in this area. Each company is contributing in its own way towards the growth and development of the blockchain industry. Whether it’s in the field of cloud security, anti-counterfeiting solutions, or asset management, these companies are devoted to harnessing the power of blockchain technology to foster advancements in their respective sectors.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the world of these promising businesses headquartered in Yeoksamdong, Seoul-t’ukpyolsi, South Korea – each leading breakthroughs in the blockchain industry.


SOOHO.IO specializes in blockchain, cloud security, cyber security, information technology, and security. Founded by Hak Oh, Hee Lee, and Jisu Park, the company provides build-in cross-chain functionality based on secure and regulation-compliant bridge technology.

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Co-founded by Changhak Yeon, BlockOdyssey is a tech start-up providing blockchain-based B2B solutions, primarily concentrating on an anti-counterfeiting solution. They are also venturing into logistics and distribution history management using blockchain technology.

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Bloket operates in the blockchain and information technology industry. More details about their initiatives and contributions are available on their website.

Huobi Korea

As a part of the blockchain, cryptocurrency, financial services, and FinTech industries, Huobi Korea plays a significant role in the blockchain landscape in South Korea.

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IONIA operates in the sectors of apps, asset management, blockchain, and financial services. Further details about their operations can be found on their official website.

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Sigma Chain

Sigma Chain, a company in the blockchain and information technology field, is making strides in the blockchain industry.


CodeChain operates within the asset management, blockchain, and financial services sectors.

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B-BRICK is a company operating in the blockchain and finance sectors.

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ITAM Games

Founded by Ah Sung Gil and Ho-Seok, ITAM Games is part of the blockchain, gaming, and mobile industry.

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SINEST Corporation

Operating in the big data, blockchain, and web development fields, SINEST Corporation is a noteworthy player in the blockchain industry.


Decenter is an active participant in the blockchain, media, entertainment, and news sectors.

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These companies represent a handful of the many innovative businesses at the forefront of the South Korean blockchain scene. Each one contributes in a unique and valuable way to the ever-growing blockchain industry.

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