Exploring Beijing’s Innovative Leaders in the FinTech Industry Scene

In the fast-changing and innovative world of financial technology, numerous companies emerge offering incredible solutions to existing issues in the financial industry. These firms offer a wide range of services from digital financial solutions, blockchain technology, mobile payments, loaning services, among others. We turn the spotlight to Beijing, the capital city of China, where a lot of these revolutionary fintech firms have established their headquarters.

Beijing is known for being one of the global hubs for technological innovations. More and more businesses, especially in the fintech industry, thrive in this giant city. The companies we are about to discuss have shown tremendous growth and have continuously contributed to reshaping the fintech landscape, all the while addressing various needs of consumers and businesses.

Let us delve into the respective missions, visions, and services of these fintech companies which are earning the world’s attention with their ground-breaking approaches to financial services.


Funded by both ZhenFund and Sequoia Capital, Huobi has become one of the leading platforms in blockchain asset financial services, including exchange, trade, wallet and storage. Delivering its services in over 130 countries, the company has managed assets exceeding an astounding 1.2 trillion USD. Find Huobi on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Du Xiaoman Financial

Previously operating as Baidu’s fintech arm, Du Xiaoman Financial focuses on short-term loans and investment services. To visit their LinkedIn, click here.


Since 2011, 36Kr has established themselves as a one-stop service platform, specifically for Chinese entrepreneurs and SMEs, providing information, matchmaking of financing, direct access to funding and even offering office solutions. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

The Beijing-based is well-known for being the world’s first pan-transaction eco-platform for business which provides an impressively quick transaction speed of 3 million per second. Follow them on Twitter at IXX_Official.


An established consumer financial services company, Lakala Payment, offers an array of services to well-known retail outlets in China. To learn more about them, visit their LinkedIn page.

JD Digits

Formerly known as JD Finance, JD Digital Technology offers a digital platform that helps improve the level of Internet, digitisation and intelligence of industries.


Established in 2013, Wecash has served over 160 million users worldwide, providing a new digital banking, spending and saving experience across multiple continents. Visit their LinkedIn page to know more.


Huisuanzhang is known for providing SMEs with essential financial services, such as accounting and business registration. They aim to improve user experience and resolve user’s pain points through technology and innovation.


QFPay collaborates with various mobile wallet providers and has serviced over 1 million+ merchants, executing over 500 million mobile payment transactions. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

9F Group

The 9F Fintech Holdings Group is home to multiple service brands that cover various life stage needs of its members. For more about them, visit their LinkedIn page.


A part of Chinese P2P lender CreditEase, Yirendai operates an online automated loan transaction platform. To learn more about them, visit their Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn page.

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