Exploring Auckland’s Pioneering Leaders in the Global FinTech Innovation Landscape

Welcome, readers, to another instalment in our series highlighting companies operating in the Fintech industry. Today, we dig into fintech companies whose headquarters are located in Auckland, New Zealand. Auckland, renowned as the economic powerhouse of New Zealand, is home to an exciting range of fintech companies that are pushing boundaries and contributing to the rapid growth of the finance industry. These companies are stirring the fintech scene in not only New Zealand but are also making their marks globally.

Auckland’s fintech sector is diverse, boasting companies that provide a variety of innovative solutions ranging from simple, fair financial products, commercial real estate investment services to digital payment solutions and more. The highlighted companies are driving change in the financial space, offering cutting-edge technology and services that tackle the traditional constraints of finance.

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at these companies that are transforming the financial landscape and setting new standards in the world of fintech.


Harmoney, co-founded by Neil Roberts, is a leader in consumer lending, credit, financial services, and personal finance. Focused on helping and inspiring people to achieve their goals, they have created Australasia’s largest marketplace, facilitating over $1.6 billions in Personal Loans to over 50,000 customers. Founded in 2014, the company has remained dedicated to transforming the way people borrow and lend money through technology, big data, and responsible lending.


Jasper, founded by Mark Campbell, Mark Hurley, and Oliver Shaw, aims to reinvent the global commercial real estate investment environment. The company’s mission is to enhance accessibility, lower fees and provide greater transparency & liquidity through a technology-enabled marketplace.

Aider International Ltd

Aider International Ltd, co-founded by Brendan Roberts and Pete Weaver, is a software solution for advisors. The platform uses artificial intelligence to extract client data, analyze, and present it in a clear, succinct format, helping accountants and bookkeepers nail compliance and scale advisory.


Founded by Andy Coon, Brett Wilson, Chris Coon, and Rob Coon, Cove is a company that pioneers innovation in the insurance industry. This New Zealand company simplifies the industry by bringing a touch of innovation.


LatiPay, founded by Peter Wei, is a first-to-market, fully compliant financial technology (FinTech) business in New Zealand. The platform provides an online solution that focuses on New Zealand enterprise-level merchants, offering solutions for Chinese payers to pay for goods and services in their preferred currency, CNY.

Squirrel Group

The Squirrel Group, founded by John Bolton, is an alternative finance platform based in Auckland, New Zealand.


Founded by Sam Blackmore, Vimba provides a simple way to buy and save Bitcoin and Ethereum on a weekly basis.

Youtap Limited

Co-founded by Chris Jones, Youtap is a cloud-based supplier of digital wallet, digital banking, loyalty and payment solutions that transform and complement the existing infrastructure of traditional banks, telcos and retailers.


The Caruso company, founded by Mark Campbell, Mark Hurley, and Oliver Shaw, provides software infrastructure for fund management businesses. It offers a full-featured CRM, portfolio reporting, and dividend payment automation, among other features.

Sugar Wallet

Sugar Wallet, founded by Devrath Soni and Sophia Ritchie, aims to help the world’s majority – the financially inexperienced, attain financial freedom through simple and familiar investment products. Their app makes investing straightforward for the financially inexperienced, offering 1 of 3 investment options for users to contribute a portion of their pay-check to.


Paymark, a payments company, operates one of the best electronic payments systems globally. They process transactions behind the scenes, making purchases smooth, regardless of how big or small they are.

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